House Keeping

Messages and instructions for JOE 2016 Team:

17/09/2016- The mobile phone number for the Japanese rental phone is now on the secured itinerary page.

6/09/2016 – Last Parent And Student Meetin; a sincere thank you from the team leaders to all our students and their families for your attendance tonight and the sharing of such yummy treats for our celebration supper!

One last JOE Club meeting next Wed 14 after school, 3:15 to 4:30pm, don’t forget! Not long now! 

7/07/2016 – Reminder to all students to complete the paperwork that was handed out at the Parent and Student meeting. These forms are due Term 3 Week 1. Thank you.
22/06/2016- Please find an final updated Timeline. 

17/03/2016 – Reminder that the first Student and Parent Update meeting will be next Wednesday 23 March at 6.30pm in the Main Admin building.

10/03/2016- Please find an updated Timeline.(image removed) 

 19/08/2015- Below is a copy of the Meeting Timeline for the team. (image removed) See you all at the next Student Lunchtime meeting on Friday 4 September Break 2.


12/06/2015 – The names of the students who have secured a place in JOE 2016 are now on the Team List page. Congratulations!  Letters will be in the mail next week with helpful information. Thank you so much for joining the adventure of JOE.  Mrs Shimizu

The itinerary has been updated to reflect some of the changes for our trip. On June 10 the list of team members will be updated as all deposits should have been paid by then.

Thank you and it is so exciting to see JOE 2016 coming together! – Mrs Shimizu


JOE 2016:
This section of the blog is to view instructions for the team members.
Thanks Mrs Shimizu.


Messages and instructions for JOE 2014 Team Members

20/09/2014 – One sleep to go! (If you can sleep, just a bit excited). Please remember not to over pack your bags. You should have by now already practiced closing them up. And checking the weight. If you check in is over or even close to 20kgs. Take something out and put it your back pack. This way you will have wiggle room as the scales may be out.

We had an incident with one bag not being in 100% working order. That has been remedied. If you have any issues please text me ASAP.
I’m off to the movies to relax! See you by 4:30/4:45 ( no later) at the Domestic Terminal! Gods blessings.

19/09/2014 – JAPANESE MOBILE NUMBER 080-3418-3033
I have just been emailed this information from the phone provider. Remember to call from Australia drop the first zero … 0011 81 80-3418-3033
Hopefully this number will not be changed by the provider when I go to pick up the phone. Be well, two sleeps!

16/09/2014 – Thank you all for attending tonight’s meeting. Again apologies for the technical problems with the data projector, my sincere appreciation for your patience as we worked though the information session. I hope you found the safety and health and welfare information of help. Just 5 sleeps and we’ll be on the plane. Need any help or have any questions just contact me. Regards Learna Shimizu.

12/09/2014 – Students make sure you email your host families by this weekend. Only one week and we will be on our way!

07/09/2014 – Students make sure you check your emails as we draw closer to departure. Start to bring in to Mrs Shimizu your final documents, passports and Student ID Cards. Thank you.

01/09/2014 – Everyone has now been emailed the details of their Homestay. How exciting! Start emailing your new Japanese friends.

07/08/2014 – Reminder regarding paperwork. Please return your Emergency Contact Forms and Code of Conduct agreement as soon as possible. Thanks.

24/06/2014 – Reminder; meeting tomorrow night at 6:30 pm, Main Admin Building. Students must attend with a parent. Also please return any outstanding forms. Thank you and see you there.

30/03/2014 – Just a reminder that our Parent and Student meeting is on this Wednesday 2 April 6:30pm in the main admin building. See you there.

14/03/2014 – Thank you all for attending the lunch time meeting. Make sure to put all the handouts into your folders. And remember to start thinking about our cultural item for our sister school visit. Check out the itinerary, there have been a few changes, some extra opportunities await you!

12/02/2014 – First meeting for the year Fri 14 Feb. DM1 at Break 2. See you then.

28/01/2014 – Check out the Itinerary it has links to the places you will be going. This is still a draft but very close to the finished itinerary.

25/10/2013 – Thank you students for attending our first team meeting today. Hope you enjoyed your “DONBURI” for lunch and keep working on your “HASHI” skills.

39 thoughts on “House Keeping

  1. I think we are missing you more than you are missing us on our third day back at school !
    Have an amazing last day in Japan and safe travels back to us .
    Oku no shukufuku !
    Pam Nadler

  2. Happy Birthday Ella! Will miss you at training tonight but we’ll still have your birthday cake – just you won’t get any lol! Tina x

  3. Hi,
    This is Ella McDougall’s aunt Sharynn. Can you please pass a great big Happy Birthday to her from Uncle Colin, Titan & Oden. Hope she had a great day! See you soon Princess xxxx

  4. Hi Mack, loved seeing you and all the other kids on the videos and photos. Have a truly wonderful time. Love Lincoln and Pamela x

  5. Great photos! Have a great trip Ella, enjoy every minute and create lots of special memories. Hope you are keeping a diary so we can hear all about it when you get home. Tina x

  6. Hi Caiti Palleschi this is Tina Arato Caitis Aunty , hope you had an awesome flight, keen to hear what your first meal in Japan was ?????

  7. Hello Mrs Shimizu,
    I hope you all have a wonderful & safe trip. I am Daniel Butcher’s aunt & I would love to follow the trip.
    Janette Petersen

  8. Hi Learna, Thank you for a very informative evening and it’s encouraging to see the care and attention you & your team have put into the trip.
    Lisa Bouter

  9. Dear Mrs Shimizu,
    I have just been exploring the site prior to the 2016 trip. Can we please have access granted so that we can message Daniel during the wonderful trip? Thank you. Richard and Christine Butcher.

  10. Hello Learna,
    I am an aunt of Katie Butcher and will be interested in following your trip.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip.
    Jenny Dean

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