Claudia A Aroha A
Sheridan C Elise B
Christian MC Bree D
James T Jesse E
Kairav V Kodie G
Caitlin A Sarsha H
Jet C Dominic L
Gemma C Bohdi M
Adam G Georgia N
Jade H Ethan P
Jay K Emma P
Sofia L Ryan S
Aarav M Jaz V
Jeremy MC Milly Z
Lachlan MC Cassie MC
Samantha P Kasey B
Toby R Aaleyah F
Dean S Tia J
Luke S Madison G
Kaeden S


    1. Best wishes to Daniel Butcher and all of the team for a safe and wonderful trip, filled with fantastic memories.

      Love Wendy and crew xx xx xxx


  1. Hi Jan & Mackenzie here, Rachel’s aunt & cousin. What amazing photos of everyone on their great adventure. Rachel, you look so cute in the Kimono.
    Looking forward to seeing more photos and updates.
    Lots of love. xxxx

  2. It was great to have you at Kani Evangelical Church in Kani City Japan today for Sunday morning worship. It was exciting for me as a missionary associated with the Christian Reformed Church in North America to talk to your prinicipal. May the Lord bless your trip.

    1. Hi John
      Thanks for your blog entry, it was great to catch up with fellow Christians no matter where. Thank you for sending time with our students last Sunday they are having a terrific time as I head back to Australia. Blessings with your new venture and as you serve our Lord. Regards Brian.

  3. Hi Briony’s mum here. Wonderful to see your smiling face in the blog photo on day 1. Thinking of you today as you visited the two ancient temples. What an amszing blessing to be there. Love you.

  4. Hello I am Caitlyn Konners Nan – you will be in Japan now WOW – it’s now real – hope you had a good trip and pa and I look forward to following your experiences over the next 3 weeks luv u xxx

    1. Hey nan, I have had the most windeful first day, it still doesnt feel real though! Keep following and i’ll speak to you when i can! Love you millions, smd thinking of you and pa heaps xxx caitlyn

  5. Hi I’m Megan Robinsons mum. Oh my gosh it hasn’t even been a day and we miss her. Wishing you all a safe and wonderful adventure. Xo Maree

  6. Hi Libi, hope it was a good flight & you managed to catch a few zzzzz’s. Got the same red light on the way home, and again not another car in sight (stop laughing). Strawberry had laid her egg this morning. Have the most amazing time. Don’t forget to take a few photos. Love you xxx

    1. … The fact that you knew I was laughing scares me. Good for strawberry; hope they hatch. Thanks; I forgot to take pictures flying in (I know, sorry) but I got a lot today. Love you too πŸ™‚

      1. Hi Libi, Strawberry laid another egg last night. So, guessing you had a window seat…never mind about the pics flying in. Can’t wait to see the ones from Day 1 and hear about the incredible places you’ve visited. Big hugs x

  7. Hey Briony – you would have arrived at the airport by now. Amazing! Just looked at the Hotel online – looks beautiful and the food fabulous. Wishing you and the group a wonderful and blessed trip and a great night’s sleep. Thinking of you B. Margot,

  8. Hi Briana & Alicia, appox 35min until touchdown and you will be in another country. What an amazing thought. Briana, I bet you can believe it now! Looking forward to hearing about your adventures. Love mum and dad xxπŸ˜ƒπŸŽŒ

  9. We are having fun tracking your flight to Japan – you are all over PNG right now. Still a fair way to go – hope youre having a good flight Caitlyn x

  10. Hi, this is Alayna’s Nanu. Happy Birthday for 21st and we look forward to seeing the blog? Safe travels πŸ™‚

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY ALAYNA!! Hope you have an awesome time in japan!! We want lots of photos when you get back!!
    From all your cycling friendsπŸ˜˜πŸŽ‰βœˆοΈ

  12. Hi, I am Laynies coach. So excited for Laynie and this most awesome adventure. Have fun, learn lots and be awesome.Kris

  13. I would like to wish a special happy birthday to Alayna Fong and a safe and rewarding trip.
    Have a great time.
    Uncle John and Aunty Louise

  14. Hello, I’m Rachel’s mum. Now that passports are in and suitcases and shirts are received, we are all very excited for the Rachel and the JOE team. I hope everyone enjoys this terrific adventure.

  15. Hello there, I’m Katie Butcher’s Auntie Heather. We all wish Katie and the rest of the team an amazing experience and a safe return – enjoy every minute of it! Hx

  16. Hi, I am Katie Butcher’s cousin Caroline. Wishing Katie and all the students the best on this wonderful and exciting adventure.

  17. Good morning. I am Katie Butcher’s Aunty Wendy. Travel is a wonderful educator and we wish Katie and her colleagues a safe and memorable experience. Have the time of your life Katie! Wx

  18. G’day,I am Katie Butcher’s aunt. What a wonderful, exciting opportunity for Katie & all the group. Have the best time.

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