Past Trip for JOE 2016 (JOE 2018 Pending)

Day Date Activity
1 Sunday

18 Sept


Meeting time 07:15  Brisbane International Airport

QF61 BNE to NRT 10:45

Arrive at Narita 19:00

Settle in at Tobu Narita Hotel  Supper at Hotel.

2 Monday

19 Sept

Exchange JR Rail Passes; travel from Narita Station to Shinagawa then on Shinkansen to Kyoto. Check-in, explore Kyoto Station district. Dinner  at  Aeon Mall   Stay at the New Miyako Hotel.
3 Tuesday

20 Sept

Morning sightseeing in Kyoto visiting Kinkaku – ji Temple, Explore Nijo – jo Castle; Afternoon sight seeing at Kiyomizu – dera Temple (Hopefully to catch the sunset from the hills around Kyoto) Dinner and Visit Gion District & Gion Corner  Stay at the New Miyako Hotel.
4 Wednesday

21 Sept

Depart for Himeiji Jo – Climb Castle visit Gardens have picnic lunch…Return to Kyoto Shopping  & Dinner Yodobashi Building Stay at the New Miyako Hotel..
5 Thursday

22 Sept

Prepare Luggage for Takubin; Send bags onto Sister School. Late morning visit to Fushimi Inari Jinja. Return to Kyoto in the afternoon and central area for the Nishiki Markets  Special Dinner Treat  Stay at the New Miyako Hotel..
6 Friday

23 Sept

Full day sightseeing; travel by Shinkansen to Hiroshima  and will travel by ferry to Miyajima &  the Itsukushima Shrine. Climb Mt Misen, catch the Ropeway down. Stay overnight on Miyajima Island at Hotel Makoto.
7 Saturday

24 Sept

Up early to visit the Peace Museum. Travel to Nagoya by Shinkansen then onto Minokamo arrive in the late afternoon at Mino Ota Station, picked up by school bus and then settle into the Dormitory at Minokamo School
8 Sunday

25 Sept

Attend Local Church then visit Showa Mura, a re-created village that celebrates the Showa period of Japanese history.Local sightseeing & shopping/rest at Dormitory.
9 Monday

26 Sept

First day for students at Minokamo School, a special Welcome Assembly is held for the team. Students attend class with buddies.
10 Tuesday

27 Sept

 Students attend class, visit with buddies, Japanese lessons.Local  sightseeing, Nakasendo the old Middle Road of Feudal Japan, Bunka No Mori.Visit the Mayor of Minokamo. (Schedule Changeable)  Home Stay Orientation; Students meet with host families. Schedule Changeable)
11 Wednesday

28 Sept

Students attend class with buddies, Japanese lessons. local sight seeing;  Shogenji Temple, Kenkonomori. (Schedule Changeable) 


29 Sept

Attend School. Students attend class with buddies. Free With Host Families. (Schedule Changeable)
13 Friday

30 Sept

Public Holiday. Free With Host Families


1 Oct

Attend School in the morning, Sayonara Party  Free with Host Families.
15 Sunday

2 Oct

Free with Host Families.


3 Oct

Depart Minokamo by private coach. Travel to Gujo Hachiman visit Food Art factory. Sightseeing at Shirakawa Go . Travel to Matsumoto. Stay at Ryokan – Hotel Tsukino Shizuka .


4 Oct

Visit Matsumoto Castle. Visit Shosenkyo Gorge for a short hike.  Drive up Mt Fuji to the 5th Station  Travel to Lake Kawaguchi Ko. Accommodation in Hotel Mount View, Hakone
18 Wednesday

5 Oct

Sightseeing;  Ice cavesAshinoko Lake CruiseAncient cedar tree path,  Hakone Sekisho (Checkpoint) Travel to Tokyo.  Accommodation in Shinagawa at  Keikyu Ex Inn Hotel. Night visit to and the new Sky Tree..
19 Thursday

6 Oct

A full day sightseeing in Disneysea or Disneyland. We will stay until the end to view the electric lights parade & fireworks! Travel back to Shinagawa Tokyo to our Hotel
20 Friday

7 Sept

Sightseeing   in Tokyo; National Museum of Nature and ScienceAsakusa Kannon Temple;  Travel to Narita   Airport, (16:30 – Weigh and check-in luggage, dinner at the Narita Airport Terminal 2) Group Check in for the flight back the Australia

QF 62 NRT to BNE 20:40

21 Saturday

8 Sept

Parents to collect students from Brisbane International Airport. Arrival 06:45


  1. Hi Rachel, I hope you are enjoying your school lessons. It looks like lots of fun from what we can see in the photos. Have a great day off with your host family tomorrow. xxx

      1. Hi Kyeria – it is great to hear that you are having so much fun. Can’t wait to see all your photos. Take care – love from Dad, Mom, Ryan and Sky.

  2. The itinerary looks amazing! Some new experiences this time (different from 2012). The art/samurai activity in Kyoto and the food art place would be interesting. The kids are going to need a week to recover!

    1. Hi Claire…thank you for bringing that to my attention…I sent out an email and changed the time in the students survival manual for drop off to be between 4:30 to 4:45 sharp… I’ll change it on the blog! Regards

  3. The itinerary sounds amazing! Everyone is going to have a blast!
    Learna you have done an amazing job!
    Wishing the team all the best, Alicia will have a blast, just like I did back in the day 🙂

    PS I’ll book my ticket now 😛 haha!

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