Team Talk

Messages and instructions for JOE 2023 Team:

Parent & Student Update Meeting:

Tonight is the update meeting for our team members of 35 students and their parents.  In the main admin at 6.30pm; See you shortly.

JOE 2023: Our First JOE Club Meeting! 

Our first JOE Club meeting will be on Friday 10 February in ST 10/11 at Break 2. So grab your lunch make hast so you’re not late. If you can not attend you must email Mrs Shimizu. We look forward to getting to know everyone.  See you then! – Mrs Shimizu,  JOE Team Leader

JOE 2023: Securing your place on the team.

The letters of offer have gone out and now the wait. To secure your spot on the team the deposit must be paid by Friday 27 January. Should less than expected applicants take up the offer then we may do a second round of offers.  Hoping to build a wonderful JOE 2023 team. – Mrs Shimizu, JOE Team Leader.

Welcome to JOE 2023; We are recruiting!

Hello, the blogsite will be a place with lots of information for us as we plan our adventure. Currently we are recruiting for a possible JOE 2023 team and are seeking expressions of interest from our Genesis students who are in Years 7 to 10 this year and wanting to travel with us in 2023. Contact Mrs Shimizu





  1. Hi everyone,

    Hope you have a wonderful time!!!! Sounds like it has been amazing so far!!!

    Lauren (Baylee Callander’s friend)

  2. Hi there

    What a great way to stay connected. Thanks for your time and effort in running this blog for family.

    Tara and Damon here; Riley Warrens uncle and aunt.

    With thanks

  3. Hi
    My name is Gail May and I am part of Riley Warren’s extended Sydney family. I’d love to be able to see and make comments on this joyous experience.
    Best wishes

  4. Hi, I am Baylee’s grandmother from New Zealand. Baylee have a wonderfully, exciting trip. Am so looking forward to hearing all your news.
    Beth Price

  5. Hi Learna,
    This is Marek, Blake’s dad. Could you please grant me an access to your blog so I can keep in touch with Blake and be up-to-date with all the wonderful activities and events you all will be experiencing on the tour very soon.
    Have a safe and enjoyable journey.

    Bon voyage 🙂
    Marek Wojtowicz

  6. Hi there, this is Riley Warrens aunt. I would love to follow the trip. I know Riley and the rest of the group will have an amazing time.
    Karen Johnstone

  7. Hi Learna

    I would like to follow Seiloni’s adventure on the JOE trip. Very exciting and looking forward to seeing all the post & pictures.

    Lina Tuivai ( Seiloni Tuivai’s Mum)

  8. Hi Mrs Shimizu,

    I would like to hear more about the exciting journey to Japan.
    Have a wonderful time everyone.

    Darren Castle (Nalia’s Dad)

  9. Hi Learna and JOE staff,
    Wishing you a wonderful, exciting trip! Looking forward to following your adventures on the blog site. Enjoy making memories. God Bless.

    Yurika Castle (Nalia’s mum)

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for organizing such a trip. We look forward to following it on this blog. Safe travels. God bless.
    Chris and Bek Easton

    1. Good afternoon,
      I have left a message via email. Will you get a chance to check them today or should I contact you another way? Thanks.

  11. Hi Learna,
    I would like to follow the trip’s events. May God guide you all and have a safe journey.
    Jannette Abarca (Noah’s Mum)

  12. Hi Learna,
    We are looking forward to reading about the trip. What an exciting opportunity for all the students.
    Mark and Kim Merrell

  13. We’re really looking forward to hearing about your exciting adventures! Have a great trip team!


    Michael, Alexa & Thomas Warren (Riley’s family)

  14. Hi Learna,
    We are looking forward to following the trip and hearing all the great things that Abbie and the group are going to be doing. Have fun everybody.
    Lynne, Rob and Jemma Ruiz

  15. Hi I’m Hayley’s dad, looks like a great trip and I hope all the students come back with many stories to tell

  16. Hi! I’m Joanne and Baylee Callander is my niece. I would love to keep up to date with their travels – it looks like it is going to be an amazing trip. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  17. Hi Learna
    This is Bohdi Murray’s Parents.
    Would love to see how the trip is going by following you on the Blog site!
    Have a great trip.
    Grahame Schipplock and Amamda Murray

  18. Jakob’s mum here, very jealous of this wonderful experience our kids are about to venture on. A HUGE thankyou to all the staff in their preparation for this trip. Look forward to seeing the adventures!!

  19. Hello Learna,
    I’m Blake’s mum and would love to be kept updated on the blog and wishing all the best to all who are going on the joe trip.
    Janelle White

  20. I think we are missing you more than you are missing us on our third day back at school !
    Have an amazing last day in Japan and safe travels back to us .
    Oku no shukufuku !
    Pam Nadler

  21. Happy Birthday Ella! Will miss you at training tonight but we’ll still have your birthday cake – just you won’t get any lol! Tina x

  22. Hi,
    This is Ella McDougall’s aunt Sharynn. Can you please pass a great big Happy Birthday to her from Uncle Colin, Titan & Oden. Hope she had a great day! See you soon Princess xxxx

  23. Hi Mack, loved seeing you and all the other kids on the videos and photos. Have a truly wonderful time. Love Lincoln and Pamela x

  24. Great photos! Have a great trip Ella, enjoy every minute and create lots of special memories. Hope you are keeping a diary so we can hear all about it when you get home. Tina x

  25. Hi I’m Leila’s Mum,
    Photos look brilliant looking forward to following you all around Japan.
    Alison Pokarier

  26. Hi JOE trippers, Warren and Andrea here, parents of Joseph. So looking forward to following all your adventurers.

  27. Hi Caiti Palleschi this is Tina Arato Caitis Aunty , hope you had an awesome flight, keen to hear what your first meal in Japan was ?????

  28. Hello Mrs Shimizu,
    I hope you all have a wonderful & safe trip. I am Daniel Butcher’s aunt & I would love to follow the trip.
    Janette Petersen

  29. Thank you to the teachers taking our children on this wonderful adventure, I hope you also get to enjoy the trip.

  30. Hi Learna, Thank you for a very informative evening and it’s encouraging to see the care and attention you & your team have put into the trip.
    Lisa Bouter

  31. Dear Mrs Shimizu,
    I have just been exploring the site prior to the 2016 trip. Can we please have access granted so that we can message Daniel during the wonderful trip? Thank you. Richard and Christine Butcher.

  32. Hello Learna,
    I am an aunt of Katie Butcher and will be interested in following your trip.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip.
    Jenny Dean

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