Get your family and friends involved….

Hi all,

This blog can be seen by any who wish to but to post comments that can be seen, your family and friends first need to be approved.

To do this get them to post a comment on this post making sure they identify themselves clearly (i.e. Sue and John Smith, Mary’s grandparents or Mary’s Mother). I will then check the comment bank and invite them on. This only needs to be once, then subsequent comments will load automatically from your family and friends.

By doing this now means that no time will be lost for you to be contacted in Japan. It will also be less stressful in Japan as it is not always easy to find connection to WiFi and as we get busy some days, please attempt to get as many of the people you want to follow your adventure signed up before we leave.

Thanks for your help – Mrs Shimizu JOE 2012 Team Leader


  1. almost time to go, I wonder how much sleep will be had tonight. In Japan now, starting to cool down a bit, temp in Tokyo is in upper 20’s.

  2. Kia ora, all of us here in Townsville (Alysshiah’s Aunty Wiki, cousins Tania & Kerry, Willow, Tenika, Mareikura and Manaia) will all be looking forward to reading with interest the kids adventures. Safe trip everyone, and have an awesome time with your friends.

  3. Kia ora, We are Alysshiah’s aunt and uncle from NZ. We are so excited to hear all about the trip to Nippon. Have a wonderful, wonderful time! Tarewa, Rachel (and Aronui)

  4. Hi, I am so excited for all the kids! I am Leon’s aunt, Helen Peters. Hope you have a fantastic trip and I am looking forward to hearing all about it.

  5. What an amazing opportunity you are giving these children. Looking forward to reading all about their experiences. Bon Voyage Christine Braun (Leon’S grandmother

  6. Hi, we know you will all have a great time, stay safe. Jaz will be missed. Love Aunty Suzanne and Jessica xxxxx (Jasmine Nugents aunt amd cousin)

  7. Really pleased that our Grandson Kurt Wieland has the opportunity to experience this trip to Japan with his school – will be something for him to remember his whole life. Hope everyone has an amazing time, and look forward to following your adventures in Japan. Cathy Bougoure

  8. Hi Learna, thank-you for everything you have done to make this all happen. Leon can’t wait to be on his way.
    Regards, Marina

  9. Hi I’m Leon’s Dad, will be following the trip with interest, I reckon it’s going to be an amazing experience

  10. Hi Learna, I think I’m more excited than Dalton about all the experiences he’ll have. I hope you all have a wonderful and safe trip. Karen Cartwright, Dalton’s mum.

  11. Ashleigh is on the countdown to the trip… We are all so excited for her 🙂
    Suzette Potter and Jason Potter, Ashleigh’s Parents

  12. Totally agree with the above two comments, very excited for Talecia and can’t wait to see the wonderful photos and memories she brings back with her from this exciting trip. Jacqueline Wills and Bart Wills, Talecia’s parents.

  13. What a great experience for all. Wish I had the opportunity to of been able to do this when I was at school! Deborah Finkel, Corey Finkel’s mum.

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