Team Talk

Messages and instructions for JOE 2020 Team:

Welcome to JOE 2020

Term 3 Week 9: Hi JOE 2020 team, the itinerary has just been updated for this trip. There will be a few small changes but we have managed to orgainise a lot of great activities and locations for you to enjoy!

The first JOE 2020 Newsletter was also emailed out today. Keep dreaming, planning and working towards your goal. Regards Mrs S.

JOE 2018:

Hello parents; thank you for your messages on the post. It’s lovely to see your encouraging messages; statements like, “we’re proud of you”, “try everything”, “make great memories “; these are such positive statements that help all the students. On JOE we like to keep it positive and focused on the moment so that our young people can gain the best experiences.

In regards to emails, only a few students wanted to email last night; unfortunately due to security on the web browser we had difficulties. With support from our college tech team we have a work around for emailing.

We are so very proud of the effort and attitude displayed by all the students in our care. With thanks Mrs S and Miss R

Good afternoon from Kyoto:

We have arrived in Kyoto and are checking into our hotel. All are well and feeling both Genki and Mushi Atsui!

Less than 24 hours to go:

Please encourage your family and friends to post a comment below introducing themselves so they can be approved onto the blog sooner rather than later, as things are about to get busy.

Parents please note along with the phone numbers (Australian global roaming just dial as if we are still here) of Miss Roche and myself here is my direct Japanese mobile number…

(Japan International Code is 81) 08048842586 (drop first zero)

This will be available from Monday afternoon. -Mrs S

Countdown to Departure: 3 Days!

If you wish to stay in touch with our team members and receive notifications when we post news or videos on this blog then please write an introduction message below; once approved all follow message will automatically be seen. Then click following on the home page, and you’re on board to join the fun of JOE! With thanks – Mrs Shimizu

Term 3 Week 9:

Hi team, we will have our last Parent and Student meeting on Friday 14 at 6.00pm. It’s a big one! All students must attend with a parent/guardian; you will be collecting your bags, shirts, a few documents. We will be asking for all passports to be handed in. Once done let’s enjoy a celebration supper together! With thanks Mrs Shimizu.

Term 3 Week 8:

Hi students, well done in your cultural item for the welcome assembly.  This week there are no meetings due to block exams. On Tuesday at Chapel we will do shirt presentation and prayerful send off for the team. If you have any questions you can touch base with Miss Roche or Mrs Shimizu. Next meeting is  ( Week 9) Friday 14 September at 6.00pm ( the big one!). Regards Mrs Shimizu

Term 3 Week 2:

Welcome back hope you have all rested well over the school holiday break. This will be a busy term and there are tasks that each JOE 2018 member needs to complete.

Lots to do and only 62 days to go!

Friday 27 July, Break 2, JOE Club meeting in L6.  Thanks – Mrs Shimizu

Term 2 Week 7:

Just a reminder we will have a JOE Club meeting on Fri 8 June, Break 2. Thanks – Mrs Shimizu

Term 2 Week 2:

Thank you for a great meeting today. Remember an email for the survey regarding room mates has been sent. So jump online and complete this before our next meeting. The same with the Home stay application form you received today. Any questions see Mrs Shimizu or Miss Roche. Thank you.

Welcome back to school team, remember we have our first meeting for Term 2 this Friday 27 April Break 2 in L6. We are aware that a few students will be out on an excursion. For the rest please attend as you will be given your Host Family Application forms. Collection of missing Code of Conduct forms will also be done. See you all them – Mrs Shimizu.

Term 1 Week 6: Thanks team for attending last week’s meeting. It was a happy and warm welcome you gave the staff who have now joined JOE 2018! Thank you!

This Saturday our friends from our sister school will be arriving. Let’s make them feel really welcome and help them make great memories! – Mrs Shimizu and Miss Roche.

Term 1 Week 2: Welcome to 2018! Our first meeting of the year is this Friday 2 February, Break 2 in L6. Remember to bring a pen and your workbook. This time in the lead up to our departure will move quicker than you realise. Let’s make the most of these meetings! Thank you – Mrs Shimizu and Miss Roche.

Term 4 Week 6: Thank you for attending the last JOE Club meeting for 2017. Hope you have enjoyed getting to know the other team members a little. Next year the meetings will focus on language and a lot of preparation for your time at the sister school. Thank you!

Term 4 Week 3: Great job today students! Thank you for attending the JOE Club meeting. Not so easy reading and pronouncing each others names in KATAKANA. 皆さんよく頑張った、ありがとう!

Please remember to use your work booklets. And if you have lost and truly can’t find the one you were given please send me an email and arrange for a new one. Just one more meeting for this year…

Term 3 Week 7:  Thank you for attending today’s JOE Club meeting. Thank you for playing along with the games and quizzes. We hope you enjoyed getting to know each other a little bit more, Miss Roche and I learnt a few interesting things; I think I found my “tribe”; those that do not like outside activities!  Remember there is a date change on the Timeline document you took home. Today only 3 students were in non-attendance, so thank you to everyone else for making to the meeting. Those students will need to collect our first workbook from Mrs Shimizu.

Term 3 Week 4: First team meeting done! Thank you to all the students who attended. We hope you enjoyed your Japanese lunch of various donburi.

We had some interesting items on the Bucket List for your Japan adventures. Snow monkeys are for a winter trip, sorry we are going end of summer start of autum; visiting both Disneyland and Disneysea, wish we had enough time; seeing Sumo, maybe doable! Thank you for your great input.

Term 3 Week 1: The first JOE 2018 meeting will be on Friday 4 August.


  1. Hi everyone,

    Hope you have a wonderful time!!!! Sounds like it has been amazing so far!!!

    Lauren (Baylee Callander’s friend)

  2. Hi there

    What a great way to stay connected. Thanks for your time and effort in running this blog for family.

    Tara and Damon here; Riley Warrens uncle and aunt.

    With thanks

  3. Hi
    My name is Gail May and I am part of Riley Warren’s extended Sydney family. I’d love to be able to see and make comments on this joyous experience.
    Best wishes

  4. Hi, I am Baylee’s grandmother from New Zealand. Baylee have a wonderfully, exciting trip. Am so looking forward to hearing all your news.
    Beth Price

  5. Hi Learna,
    This is Marek, Blake’s dad. Could you please grant me an access to your blog so I can keep in touch with Blake and be up-to-date with all the wonderful activities and events you all will be experiencing on the tour very soon.
    Have a safe and enjoyable journey.

    Bon voyage 🙂
    Marek Wojtowicz

  6. Hi there, this is Riley Warrens aunt. I would love to follow the trip. I know Riley and the rest of the group will have an amazing time.
    Karen Johnstone

  7. Hi Learna

    I would like to follow Seiloni’s adventure on the JOE trip. Very exciting and looking forward to seeing all the post & pictures.

    Lina Tuivai ( Seiloni Tuivai’s Mum)

  8. Hi Mrs Shimizu,

    I would like to hear more about the exciting journey to Japan.
    Have a wonderful time everyone.

    Darren Castle (Nalia’s Dad)

  9. Hi Learna and JOE staff,
    Wishing you a wonderful, exciting trip! Looking forward to following your adventures on the blog site. Enjoy making memories. God Bless.

    Yurika Castle (Nalia’s mum)

  10. Hi,
    Thank you for organizing such a trip. We look forward to following it on this blog. Safe travels. God bless.
    Chris and Bek Easton

    1. Good afternoon,
      I have left a message via email. Will you get a chance to check them today or should I contact you another way? Thanks.

  11. Hi Learna,
    I would like to follow the trip’s events. May God guide you all and have a safe journey.
    Jannette Abarca (Noah’s Mum)

  12. Hi Learna,
    We are looking forward to reading about the trip. What an exciting opportunity for all the students.
    Mark and Kim Merrell

  13. We’re really looking forward to hearing about your exciting adventures! Have a great trip team!


    Michael, Alexa & Thomas Warren (Riley’s family)

  14. Hi Learna,
    We are looking forward to following the trip and hearing all the great things that Abbie and the group are going to be doing. Have fun everybody.
    Lynne, Rob and Jemma Ruiz

  15. Hi I’m Hayley’s dad, looks like a great trip and I hope all the students come back with many stories to tell

  16. Hi! I’m Joanne and Baylee Callander is my niece. I would love to keep up to date with their travels – it looks like it is going to be an amazing trip. Good luck to everyone 🙂

  17. Hi Learna
    This is Bohdi Murray’s Parents.
    Would love to see how the trip is going by following you on the Blog site!
    Have a great trip.
    Grahame Schipplock and Amamda Murray

  18. Jakob’s mum here, very jealous of this wonderful experience our kids are about to venture on. A HUGE thankyou to all the staff in their preparation for this trip. Look forward to seeing the adventures!!

  19. Hello Learna,
    I’m Blake’s mum and would love to be kept updated on the blog and wishing all the best to all who are going on the joe trip.
    Janelle White

  20. I think we are missing you more than you are missing us on our third day back at school !
    Have an amazing last day in Japan and safe travels back to us .
    Oku no shukufuku !
    Pam Nadler

  21. Happy Birthday Ella! Will miss you at training tonight but we’ll still have your birthday cake – just you won’t get any lol! Tina x

  22. Hi,
    This is Ella McDougall’s aunt Sharynn. Can you please pass a great big Happy Birthday to her from Uncle Colin, Titan & Oden. Hope she had a great day! See you soon Princess xxxx

  23. Hi Mack, loved seeing you and all the other kids on the videos and photos. Have a truly wonderful time. Love Lincoln and Pamela x

  24. Great photos! Have a great trip Ella, enjoy every minute and create lots of special memories. Hope you are keeping a diary so we can hear all about it when you get home. Tina x

  25. Hi I’m Leila’s Mum,
    Photos look brilliant looking forward to following you all around Japan.
    Alison Pokarier

  26. Hi JOE trippers, Warren and Andrea here, parents of Joseph. So looking forward to following all your adventurers.

  27. Hi Caiti Palleschi this is Tina Arato Caitis Aunty , hope you had an awesome flight, keen to hear what your first meal in Japan was ?????

  28. Hello Mrs Shimizu,
    I hope you all have a wonderful & safe trip. I am Daniel Butcher’s aunt & I would love to follow the trip.
    Janette Petersen

  29. Thank you to the teachers taking our children on this wonderful adventure, I hope you also get to enjoy the trip.

  30. Hi Learna, Thank you for a very informative evening and it’s encouraging to see the care and attention you & your team have put into the trip.
    Lisa Bouter

  31. Dear Mrs Shimizu,
    I have just been exploring the site prior to the 2016 trip. Can we please have access granted so that we can message Daniel during the wonderful trip? Thank you. Richard and Christine Butcher.

  32. Hello Learna,
    I am an aunt of Katie Butcher and will be interested in following your trip.
    Have a safe and wonderful trip.
    Jenny Dean

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