Day 1 Tues 25 Sept

Off to an early start but everyone very excited. Jetstar looked after all the students very well and the meals were a welcomed break to being in a small space. And the special extra of in-flight entertainment was very welcomed! Having a few seasoned travelers in the group like Azure,Leon, Monique and Neena meant the students were all well behaved and thoughtful of their fellow travelers. Already very proud of them!
The bus ride from Kansai International airport to Kyoto (Kyoto station in fact ) was good as the students took in all the neon signs along the highway and for others it gave them time to rest. Our Hotel was a welcoming sight, and once rooms were allocated, we quickly went out for a light supper then it was off to sleep.
We saved the room allocation information to last this way the students were nice and tired and longing for their beds and didnt mind who their roommates were!
They can sleep-in alittle bit in the morning but everyone will be up having breakfast by 8.30.
Its a buffet so they can indulge!
Thank you for your prayers.
Learna Shimizu,Jessica Roche and Cate White



  1. So excited for you guys, glad you arrived safe and sound. Looking forward to seeing and hearing your adventure 🙂

  2. So pleased to see you’ve arrived safe and sound. Hope you all had a good nights sleep & are ready for your adventures today. Ash, it was lovely to see your smiling face, enjoy every minute. xx

    1. Hey Mum, Dad and Caitie, We arrived safely in Japan last night and we’re off to Nijo castle this morning! Had Katsudon for dinner last night very nice and had a lovely breakfast this morning! Hope you are having a great time at Rainbow! Love you all! Ash xo

  3. Great to see you are all safe and well in Japan, enjoy all the new experiances Japan has to offer, take lots of photos, to share with your famlies. Have good nights sleep. Everyone.

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