Day 3 Thus 27 Sept

Today we traveled out to Hikone Jo, one of only a few original castles left in Japan. It is in a pretty little town about 90 mins east of Kyoto not far from Lake Biwa, the largest lake on Honshu Island. The students rode the Rapid Express Train which follows the edge of the lake.

We had fun when trying to purchase hot Obento again each of the students had to work out exactly what was in each displayed lunch box…sometimes looks can be deceiving! (funny how food plays such an important role in our adventures.)

We then hiked up the main road to the castle that sits high up on the hill. Beautiful views and surrounded by glorious gardens and KOI ponds. We took time to rest and just enjoyed the rare oppprotunity to “BE”… Avery and Ash said they really loved sitting in the gardens and admired the trees and rocks.

We travelled back in the afternoon and had a bit of a junk food adventure trying some snacks for afternoon tea. Strolled around the famous GION District and tonight the special treat was going to a cultural centre to have a little peak at many of the traditional arts of Japan.
Gion Corner

The students were able to see two beautiful Maiko (trainee Geisha) dance and hear some very wonderful Koto music, we’re mesmerized by puppets being governed by men hidden in black masks and gowns, hey were entertained by a comic story telling trio enacting the tale of the federal lord who tried to punish his lazy drunken servants by tying their hands together so they could not drink SAKE only for the lord to find out that they worked even harder and as a team to help attain yet another cup of SAKE!

A few students have tried to call home, some are learning to cope and learning to be self reliant. They may try again on Saturday before we leave for Minokamo on Sunday.

We are all off to bed as early as possible tonight as tomorrow is a big day on the Shinkansen down to Hiroshima.

Please continue to lift us up in prayer.

For photos of day 3 check out the gallery.


  1. Great photos! You have packed so much into those few days ! We are missing you heaps Alysshiah, but it is wonderful to see you are having soooo much fun XXX

  2. Looks like you guys are having fun , some great photos enjoy, some you may know this Corey’s mum left for her fifth mothers mission to Korea tonight, we wish her and the other ladies safe travels.

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