Day 6 Sun 30 Sept

Moving day! We enjoyed our last buffet breakfast for a while and everyone pitched in to make sure all bags were packed and that the rooms were left a tidy state.
We managed to visit one more site before leaving Kyoto, the Fushimi Inari temple with the one thousand vermillion Tori gates, though raining the students we able to send a couple of hours enjoy the beauty of thus place….

Today we had planed to travelled from to Kyoto to Nagoya by Shinkansen and then take the Hida Express from Nagoya station to Minokamo. Due to Typhoon 17 ( which is far away)
The mountain trains were stopped but the staff of our sister school made sure we were ok and sent out a scout to help us rework our travel arrangements.

The sister school was there to collect us in a fleet of mini buses . We stopped on the way to do some grocery shopping for our breakfasts.

For me it, felt like coming home, again. For our students they were so excited and just wanted to meet as many people as they could. So once we got settled into the dorm and they learnt how to make up their futons, got their heads around same gender communal bathing

Dinner was delivered and thanks to Miss Roche’s team who served it up to our hungry travellers; thanks Dylan, Azure, Leon, Mary

Great devotions and prayer time, thanks Azure and Monique!

Please continue to lift us up in prayer tomorrow is a big challenge for our students as they move into the second stage of their adventure, the Welcome Ceremony alone is a very daunting task, but we know they can do it! Thanks Learna Shimizu

The first few hundred of the one thousand gates
At Fushimi Inari Temple this morning

Here we are….!
Miss White too…

For photos of day 6 check out the gallery.


  1. I miss you Monique and Ashbash!!!! I hope you are having an amazing time and I look forward to hearing all the amazing stories when you get back 🙂 xxx

  2. I can imagine so few Australians amongst the school, you will be the centre of attention. Enjoy the moment.

  3. Good luck to all the students at the welcome ceremony, I know you will all be fantastic. Enjoy making new friends at your sister school. Xx

  4. Glad to hear you arrived safe. Hope that Typoon keeps away cause if you guys get so will I in Korea! Keep those pictures coming!

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