Day 7 Mon 1 Oct

Today was one of those days that no one will forget… up early everyone dealt Well with life in the dormitory. My team of Ashliegh, Corey, Avery and Alysshiah doing the first breakfast prep at the dorm. Good jobs guys no one got ill from our cooking!

Marching our students down to the school, shoes off at the entrance and changing to house slippers caused a few giggles. Meeting their buddies caused a few nervous faces but they all managed to meet and greet everyone in Japanese.

As always, I was impressed with the sense of importance and respect that our students gave to this task. Big smiles, polite bows of respect to the staff and their fellow Minokamo cohort. Then into our speeches, Neena Carter doing not only us proud but her parents as well as Monique, delivered our thanks for allowing us to visit and the hope of many friendships and great memories, then all hands on stage for the song presentation in both Japanese and English, beautiful leads by Neena, Azure, Jas and Alysshiah. Great bit of jiving by Monique and Dylan as choreographed by Ashleigh! Well done guys, we are very proud of you all. Not an easy thing to do in front of over 1300 students and 100 staff! Neena did very well delivering the speech for the gift exchange; Neena’s mother is an outstanding Japanese calligraphy artist who trained under a master who is considered a living national treasure.
KIZUNA- ties that bind, connections of heart/ soul…

Of course we were then treated to the Minokamo Brass Marching Band and the Girls Baton Twirling Team…WOW! All our students had their eyes wide and mouths agape in amazement at the level of skill the Minokamo students showed.

After the welcome ceremony back into the main school they were visited by their buddies and some of their host brothers and sisters, everyone was excited and again our students showed just how friendly they are. Full immersion lessons then Lunch in the school restaurant, I think our students enjoyed sitting down to a nice hot meal in an air-conditioned restaurant, as several our students stated “very civilised” and a bit special.

Due to the big sports festival school is only until 1.00pm and then some of the Minokamo students either go and complete or cheer on their favourite teams.

But our students did a special visit with the mayor of Minokamo City. Monique and Dylan
bravely delivered their speeches, we all posed for the local newspaper and answered questions of the journalist. ( will attempt to get copies of this newspaper ..)

This afternoon our studentslayed a fast paced game do dodge ball with the middle school students…. I could hear them cheering each other from the office where I sat.

Back to the dormitory to catch their breath, hot bath this evening,dinner was delivered by a special food service company to our kitchen and with Miss White’s team doing the clean up, thanks Neena, Dalton, Kurt, Talecia and Monique!

Your children have been wonderful and though they miss you, and their friends, they are trying to learn to cope, and trying everything that comes their way, and we are very proud of them- Learna, Jessica and Cate.

For photos of day 7 check out the gallery.


  1. What an experience for you guys! Loving the updated photos and we are all missing you Kurt, especially your sister 🙂 but are so excited for you and your friends having the time of your life! Hoping you got the money sorted Kurt, xo

  2. Looks like you are all having loads of fun.
    What a proud moment for all of you.
    Keep enjoying your time in Japan.

  3. Well done everyone ! You all are doing so well, such great big smiles xxx. Elijah and I are missing you Alysshiah, but it is wonderful to read the blog and see the photos… we check morning and night ! Mwaaahhhh.

  4. You all look to be having the best. I enjoy your updates and especially the photos. Keep them coming. Xx.

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