Day 14 Mon 8 Oct

Moving day again! We said our sad good byes to our new friends and it is always moving to see just how many friendship were made while we were here. The students did a wonderful formal thank you and bow just before we boarded the bus that took us back to the big smoke of Nagoya.

So very proud of all your children, they did so well and are a credit to all of the parents. The principal had only high praise for their attitude, their “give it a go”, level of respect and manners, and conduct while at the sister school.

This was the first time that I and Mr Kano did not receive a single phone call about the students, so good was their behaviour and the communication, that the host parents felt confident and our students did their best.

At Nagoya we picked up EKI BENTOU for lunch on the bullet train (Shinkansen) up to Tokyo (Shinagawa Station). Quiet time spent sitting on the Shinkansen allowed everyone to reflect on the great time they had at Minokamo and just how special it all was (also time to dry their tears …)

If everyone thought Nagoya was busy I think they all revised their concept of that when they got off at Shinagawa station and it wasn’t even rush hour!

Moving like a line of ants they followed my instructions to the letter, eyes down trying not to make eye contact and to just walk right behind the student in front… it would have looked quite comical on the CCTVs, I’m sure. Fortunately our hotel Keiyu Ex Inn was just across on the main road from the station so they did not have to fight the crowds for too long nor too far.

Once settled we went out to explore Tokyo, with Harajuku (area for youth culture) and Akihabara (electronic central) high on the list!
You maybe surprised to hear that for many of the students shopping is a hobby at which they excel! They spent time at the games centre with Neena winning a cute little toy.

Tomorrow is Disneysea I think they will be excited…. It is also someone’s birthday!

Remember us in your prayers…. Not long and the team with be home with lots of stories to share!










  1. What an amazing experience, so glad you’re apart of it Kurt! Hope you had enough money for electronic central ha! We all miss you and can’t wait to hear all about your travels, x Mum

  2. Thank-you for the postcard Leon. Can’t wait till you are home. Cats, dog and parents fine! Love Tina

  3. I am really excited when I read these posts can hardly wait to hear all about Corey’s experiences have a fantastic day tomorrow. Love you Corey proud of you son. Mum

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