Day 15 Tue 9 Oct

Everyone enjoyed the buffet breakfast! Full tummies often equals happy teenagers I find! Today is a special day it’s Ashleigh Potter’s birthday…Happy Birthday sweet Ashleigh and just to make it extra special she spent it at DisneySea!

We did not waste time this morning out the door onto the main line then I took them down into the subway. I think the students were impressed with my navigation skills as I took them down 7 levels underground and walked them more 1km through one of the largest train stations in Japan.

Then it was just a big day of fun fun fun at Disneysea. The students buddied up and had so much fun. The teachers tried to keep up with them and did a good job untill a few rides were just not for the faint hearted!

To say your children made the most of it is an understatement, it will be one day they will not forget in a hurry! Also the food they tried not sure about the lemon flavoured popcorn!

We stayed right to the very end and watched the amazing Electric Light Parade and fireworks all done over the inland bay that Disneysea centres around. It was a great day and everyone had an enjoyable time…sore feet…empty pockets… and then we all needed a big sleep. After some late night Mac’s… (they deserved it)


  1. Thank you to all the teachers and students for making Ash’s birthday one to remember. Jason and I appreciate everything you have done. xx

  2. Never a dull moment in Japan by the sounds of it! U teachers need lots of thank you’s for the amazing job you are doing. Keeping our children in toe at DisneySea would have been a job in itself, ha! I can just imagine the rides you went on Kurt (bet your glad mum wasn’t there) šŸ™‚ can’t wait to hear all about it, x

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