The big talk in the big smoke…

All the students have slept well. We have had to sternly remind them about their personal safety and behaviour now that we are in Tokyo. They have taken the correction with grace and hopefully understand that it is their best interests we have at heart. In a moment we will do alittle surprise for Ashliegh at breakfast,as it is her birthday!!!- Learna Shimizu


  1. Hi Leon, enjoy Disneysea and Tokyo. I am back in Japan, but sadly, will not be in Narita when you leave on Friday. Would have loved to catch up at the airport. I’ll see you next weekend when I get home.

  2. Happy birthday Ashleigh. I hope you have a lovely/exciting birthday.
    Have a great day everyone and take notice of the safety reminder as we want you all back safe and sound on Saturday.

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