Adventures to Fuji – Ash and Dylan (the great)

After a far too early wake up followed by a tedious 4 hour bus ride we have arrived at Mt Fuji a.k.a. – Japan’s biggest slippery dip. You hear about it all the time but seeing it with your own eyes is simply breath-taking. It’s absolutely amazing and we are having so much fun but get out your electric underpants because its a bit nippy! In about an hour we will be arriving at the 5th station which is the highest point you can travel in a vehicle, about 2/3 of the way up. Dylan and Corey will be progressing on foot to reach the 3775m summit and test out the slide. After Mt Fuji we are moving on to the ice and lava caves to do some exploring. And a nice refreshing onsen to rejuvenate our souls. Yesterday was a fun day had by all especially the birthday girl Ashleigh. Although the lines were long and the population of Brisbane was in the theme park, the rides were awesome and the light and firework show at the end of the night was spectacular. Everyone is missing their mummy’s and papa’s and cannot wait to see you all again, cheers for the support and love, Ash and Dylan, peace out




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