Day 16 Wed 10 Oct

Enjoyed our last buffet breakfast this morning. From here on out it is Japanese all the way.

Met our lovely bus driver and guide (who does not speak English) loaded up and then made our way out to the country side of Hakone…just took awhile with the Tokyo traffic. But the students appreciated the change of scenery from lots of concert to lovely green.

Today we go up the steps of Mt Fuji as is often the way with this mount she played hide and seek in the clouds and mist, finally arriving at the fifth station, which is high as you can go by car or bus, the students were a bit surprised at how cold it was… we enjoyed the hot fires around the rest areas. We took time taking lots of photos and just enjoying being on the side of Japan’s largest volcano.
We went under Mt Fuji into the Ice caves…as always I had the soundtrack for Indiana Jones playing in my brain but the students did really well and enjoyed the qurkiness of the caves.

Driving around the lake district to get to our hotel the students saw the change in the greenery as the leaves are starting to turn gold and red.

And just when we thought we wouldn’t see Mt Fuji she showed herself sitting high above the forests on the plains, so very large even on the distance.

Once settled in we got them into the Hot Spring baths ONSEN, dressed in YUKATAS and then enjoyed a special dinner in a private TATAMI room. The students did well trying the many different dishes… had to fight Neena for some of the extra SASHIMI that some students just couldn’t get their heads around.

Several students chose to take another hot bath and enjoyed the views from the outside open air hot spring.

Once all the students were done and relaxed for bed the teachers took their turn in the onsen (hot bath) great for aches and pains!

Off to bed after a bit of fellowship and tonight we all got to sleep on futons!

And Breakfast tomorrow… Well I know it’s Japanese and there will be fish there in something!

Please remember to up hold the team in your prayers, the last few days are often the hardest as the students have mixed emotions and do get a little bit tired…. – Learna Shimizu, Cate White, Jessica Roche






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