Day 2

An easy morning allowing everyone to rest and become familiar with our hotel which will be our base for the next five days. A great lesson in Japanese officiousness this morning when we had to exchange our JR Rail tickets for our individual rail passports. Sight seeing using the crowded buses was a challenge for some, a big introduction to the concept of personal space! Saw two UNSCO Wolrd Heritage listed sites, the beautiful Kinkaku Ji (Golden Pavillion Temple) and then climbed the gentle hill up to  Kiyomizu Dera. Dinner at the many restaurants around Kyoto station saw the team learn the art of compromise as we collectively decided where to eat dinner.










  1. Those temples look amazing! And look at all your big smiles. Have you spent all your money on all those vending machines yet Meegan? lol 🙂
    Love Mum, Michael and Sam xo

  2. The Golden Temple never looked so beautiful as with this gorgeous group of Aussies in front of it! Hope you are having another great day today and thanks to Mrs Shimizu for the daily blogs for which we are so thankful.
    ps Had lunch today with Mr Brittain and Mrs Todd who some of you will remember from Year 6 days. They had a look at the blog and sent their best wishes for the rest of the trip. 🙂

  3. HEY SHELLEY!!!!!!!
    All those sights your seeing, so jelly :(. So u learning about the new culture?? Did the manga and anime u watch prepare u at all XD. Hope your trying everything at least once, cause life’s to short not to, have fun and enjoy yourself.
    Luv ya Shell 33 – Bri 😉

  4. You all look like you are having a fabulous time. Love that golden temple! Caitie – hows the food in Japan??

  5. I love these updates – it is so great being able to see you and where you have been – looks amazing – take plenty of photos Oliver!
    Love Mum xx

  6. The photos are fantastic. It is really good to see the smiling faces, and some of the sights. Have fun everyone !

  7. Great photos – thank you. Guess Elizabeth didn’t like the snack food??? Can’t wait to hear what foods you’ve tried Libi. Looks like everyone is having an amazing time. Love you Libi xxx

    1. Hey mum!

      I did too like the snack foods! They were really good! I can’t get on my emails here, so I can’t send you stuff that way; sorry 😦

      Love you 🙂

  8. The temple looks amazing – if that is a fountain of youth and knowledge Zoe please bring a bucket full home love ya Mum,Dad and Kodie XXX

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