Day 4

It was a “choose your own adventure” day today! Splitting into teams so students got to do or try something different.
As things do not always go according to plan, the arts and craft centre’s resident artist was not available….”shogani” in Japanese means, it can’t be helped and to be understanding. The students managed to have a fun day visiting some surprise sights; Heian Shrine. Having an adventure on the subways…

The students on the Samurai Joe tour had a fun and interesting morning… See the photos for some insight especially the sword play!

We visited Nijo Jo (Nijo Castle) Something of an over statement as it is really a summer palace; a high light is the Nightingale Floor constructed without nails, creaking loudly with every footstep on purpose to detect assassins, hidden rooms with body guards, I kid you not!
Beautiful original art on the walls and ceilings. Outside an amazing Japanese garden and the remains of the moat with giant KOI and stone wall battlements.
Students enjoyed dinning in groups at three different resturants; Ramen shop, a Pasta restaurant and a Takoyaki…. Octopus fritters shop!


















  1. Hey Meegan. Another exciting day you have all had. Love seeing all the pics and reading about what you’ve been up to. Can’t wait for the next update 🙂 xo

  2. Loved the Samurai pics Oliver! Another great day hey! I love reading the blog and seeing all the photos of where you have been 🙂 Toby wants you to know that he came 4th overall in his States comp today – he was very happy!
    Can’t wait to talk to you if you do get a chance to ring us. xxx

  3. Hi Bre, Great photos of you all. Your sword class looked like “Fruit Ninja” in real life !! Hope you got some of him on video? Love ya.

  4. Hi Shell!!!!
    we are surprised you were eating ramen good on you 🙂 whilst you are enjoying the heat we just had a spectacular lighting storm, it was short, sweet, and almost took the house with it (flooding XD). Montey went to the vets and turns out he is just a sook, the vet proved it 😛 nothing serious thou but he is missing you. But you”ll be looking forward to coming home as you get to wash him! (he was in the chook pen rolling in you know what).
    Loved your pic’s of the trip we are jealous 😛
    Brianna and I are partaking in a bar tendering course (uh oh). And we finally got a new router so the internet is so much better. oh and I sold your phone and laptop and bedroom hope you don’t mind. Mum slept in your room last night, dad pulled their bedroom apart. We also have a new room mate…. a mouse \O.O/
    Have fun tomorrow and get in front of that camera!!!!!!!
    love Bluebri and Jaffa oh and the rest of the ………family

    1. Soooorrrrry I replied so late lol. Bout to go to school for the welcoming ceremony 😀 YEEEEE. Geeez good to hear you guys haven’t killed monkey yet, has someone slept on my bed yet cuz if they havvvvve ….,.. Heyyyyyyyyyy I want to do a bar tending course and I can’t believe you guys went to see maze runner with out meeee D: ohhhh soooo near then end of the week I have to eat raw fish so I’ve already come up with a emergency plan just in case i decided to puke lol. Anyways I’m actually not sure if I can call tonight or for this week cuz i don’t know if there’s a phone I can use here so love ya and have fun

  5. Well that’s certainly a different way to prepare fruit salad… Mr Kriel, you don’t seem to be too comfortable in that photo. Can’t imagine why!!!
    Looks like an amazing experience. So enjoying getting up each morning to see what you’ve been up to the previous day….

  6. Hi Caitlyn – The food looks great!! It was lovely to hear your voice last night for a few minutes and to hear you sounding so happy and enthusiastic !! xx

  7. Hi Laynie, Cameron and I are missing you heaps!! We love getting up in the morning to see what sights you have visited. How is the food? Did you try the octopus fritters?? Have fun….❤️😊

  8. There sure is a lot of things we could learn from the Japanese – there attention to detail is amazing – and love in the photos there is no rubbish on the ground to be seen –
    hope you having a wonderful adventure Poz Poz ❤️❤️❤️

  9. It is great to see that your are all having such a good time. It will be good to hear your stories when you get back to school. Have fun and keep looking out for each other 😄

  10. Ah, young Grasshopper…you may have taken your cap off, but I did manage to spot you… Looks like you enjoyed another amazing & interesting day. Can’t wait to hear how interesting the Sword Master was. Love & hugs xxx

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