Day 6

A very early start to a long and at times an emotionally challenging day…
After laying flowers at the flame of remembrance and joining in prayer for peace, our team spent time in the Peace Museum trying to understand what happened to the people of Hiroshima …
We caught the ferry over to Miyajima, engaged with the wild deer or more correctly spent time trying to stop them stealing all the food from our bags! We admired the beautiful vermillion Tori gate that floats out in the bay near the Shrine… We had lunch on the island enjoying some of the local rice dishes.
We then moved onto the small town of Iwakuni, to the south of Hiroshima, to trek along the unusual four semi-circle arched bridge; Kintaikyo. Sampling ice creams (with a choice from over 100 flavours!) for afternoon tea as we walked though the gardens, viewed a small private collection of rare white snakes, returning back to town to catch a late Shinkansen back to Kyoto.

All tired but everyone having experienced something very important with their visit to Hiroshima, hopefully causing our students to stop and reflect on the fragility of life.

Late to bed but we’ ll rest a little bit tomorrow morning….before we move out to the countryside for the next stage of the adventure, visiting our sister school!
















  1. Hello Caitlyn – your great grandfather – my dad- marched into Hiroshima with the BOF – spent 4 years there – I can only begin to guess what an emotional but incredible place to visit it must be ! Pa and I are in Toowoomba for carnival of flowers at moment – it’s beautiful . Hard to believe your first week has almost gone! Wishing you a wonderful 2nd week with your host family luv nan pa xx

    1. Hey nan, Hiroshima was a very incredible place to visit, and i definitely think u and pa should go. I didnt know that your dad was in Hiroshima… Miss yous, xx

  2. What a day! The photos are wonderful, thank you. Reilly, spoiler alert, the Hawks won the grand final. On a sporty note, we have tickets for a baseball game when you get back, and you got trophies for soccer! Hope you are having a great time 🙂 xx

    1. Hey nic, i had Hershey’s chocolate flavour… There was sooo many flavours to choose from! I go to home stay this week, ill probs call next week yeah? Make sure your home! Message me on facebook to tell me when to call 🙂 miss you all xx

  3. A day that you will all forever remember I am sure! Bet you have started to call your hotel home by now. Exciting to be moving on to the next part of your adventure at the school. Keep smiling Oliver – you are not looking as happy on the photos?? 🙂 Love you xx

  4. Hi Libi, 100 flavours of ice-cream…did you have the standard ‘Cookies & Cream’, or did you try something new? Great photos again…thank you Learna.

    1. Hey mumma! There was so many weird flavours!i tried mango and pineapple! Go to home stay tomorrow night! So ill probably talk next week! Love you and missing you lots xx

  5. Wow what a beautiful day it must have been for you all. Makes you think how precious life really is. Can’t wait to see the photos Megan. Missing you very much. Xo

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