1. Hi Laynie, how are you going?
    You sound like you have been having a great time in Japan…everyone including me has been missing you so much!!!
    School is so boring without you, no one makes any hilarious jokes like you do!
    I miss you so much!!!
    I hope you enjoy the rest of your trip in Japan!!
    Love Niamh xxxx
    Hi Alayna, sounds like you are having a truly fantastic time, make the most of this wonderful experience, we cant wait to hear all about it, missing you so much (Cam missing you more!!) take care to all of you for safe trip,
    Love Mrs and Mr B. 🙂

  2. Hi briony. Wonderful to see the photos. You all look like you are having an amazing time… and eating amazing food.
    How was hiroshima?
    We are about to see Maze Runner…just going into cinema. Suki is missing your hugs… coming to me for more.

    Love ya. Mum.

  3. Hi Laynie, you all good? Wish we were there with you… Guess who is doing like a version??? The Griswolds. They are very good. We are off to golden beach today and have just dropped the animals off. Seeing Jules and Niamh today and tomorrow. So if you want to send a message to Niamh if will show her.
    Enjoy your adventure!
    Love ya

    1. Heya Mumma!! We are leaving Kyoto today and I have been listening to Japanese pop. Yesterday we went on the bullet train to Hiroshima, and Dadda would love the peace museum. So far I have had green tea and melon ice cream and Ollie had garlic ice cream!! Please say hi to Niamhy for me and give everyone including Niamh a big big hug!!
      Love ya Laynie XX

      1. Mmmmm melon ice cream would be nice but garlic ice ream ewwww!! We are having a great time at Golden Beach and caught up with Niamh and her mum and dad we also bumped in to Ella,Riley and their mum and dad they can’t wait to see you and hear about your trip.
        Love ya and keep safe.
        Mumma 😍

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