Day 8

Communal breakfast, then off to church we went. It was a good opportunity to share our Christian faith, make friends with the youth at the church.
After lunch some local sightseeing, then back to the dormitory to rest, prepare their school uniforms and practice for the big welcome ceremony tomorrow. I can see some nerves starting to set in….

One week down and you should be proud of your children, they are doing do so well!
And I think we have some converts to sleeping on Futons! As I type this some girls are in the bathhouse, and have aced the communal bath challenge!
Very blessed is how I feel – Mrs Learna Shimizu, Team Leader.

Hi from Meegan Hannon and Caitlyn Konners:
Church was great fun! Alayna, Meegan and Derrick made speeches, and really overcame a big challenge for themselves. The message we listened to was about how everyone is born until we are born again. Not by our own deeds, but by the spirit, and the plan God has for us. After the sermon, we were able to share a lunch with the people in the church, sharing tables with many of the other youth that attended, and making amazing friends, while hearing a lot about Japanese life. Zoey and Alicia learnt so much about A few girls, and Meegan, Katie and Caitlyn also made a few new friends, and added them on Facebook, and were later joined by a few other including Briony and Megan. We were a little freaked out by the ‘meet and greet’ with the Japanese people, but in the end we were able to overcome this, and everyone walked away saying they had an amazing time, and would miss the many friends we made! – Meegan Hannon and Caitlyn Konners


















  1. Happy 16th Birthday Breanna. Hope your day is filled with wonderful memories. Love from the Millar Family 🙂

  2. Happy Sweet 16 Breanna!!!! You and Kyeria look like your your having so much fun. Hope you guys have a great time at the school this week! xoxo

    1. Hey lovely thank you so much, getting so excited to go home with our families tomorrow. Hope your having a great holidays 🙂 Breanna
      Hey Josie so excited from hearing from you!
      We are having so much fun but I can’t wait to see you love from kyeria

  3. Hi team. Thank you for the updates. We are very keenly watching your progress and can see that you are having a wonderful time. Thinking of you especially today for the Assembly and meeting with the mayor. Good luck with your song (sing up loudly!) and speeches. I am sure your lovely host school will be delighted with your efforts and we are very grateful indeed that they are taking such good care of you. Have a great time at school while we are on holidays (LOL – you can say the same to us NEXT week!) Happy Birthday this week, Breanna. 🙂

    1. Thank you, currently we’re getting ready to go to the school. Getting a little nervous! I can’t wait to see Yuna again and to see you again at home.
      Love you, Breanna xoxoxo

  4. Loved reading your recount Caitlyn & Meegan, sounds like you have had lots of fun getting to meet the youth at the church. Well done on surviving your first week of adventures how wonderful to still have 2 more exciting weeks to go! Today is the big meet day at minokamo! I bet theyll love the timtams. Keep having fun ♥mum, alannah & dylan
    Ps welcome Mr Barker!

    1. Yeah, it was a pretty spectacular recount… I’m so nervous about today, I have a speech in front of over 1000 people in Japanese! And mine is the longest of everyone’s.. Damn… Love you, talk to you soon xxxx

  5. It was a lovely surprise to see photos of your day. I am looking forward to hearing about school! Go the JOE team. Hey Reilly, the score was 137 to 74. We are thinking of you and wishing we could have Japanese ice-cream too 🙂 Enjoy tomorrow xx

  6. Hi Oliver
    Great posts today, and lots of good photos – really gives us an insight to your day. A big day tomorrow then – you will really enjoy it! Sleep well (I wonder if you are a Futon convert?) xxx

      1. Hey Oliver – hope today went really well for you all – so brave of those students who were doing a speech – bet you were glad you only had to sing! Thinking of you heaps everyday – we are so proud of you and enjoying your journey via this. Did you meet your buddy at school today?
        Love you xx

  7. Hi Breanna, Not long now – only a few hours & our baby girl will be Sweet 16. HAPPY BIRTHDAY… Who would have thought you would be celebrating your 16th in Japan!! Sending our love and kisses to you, have an awesome day.
    Love Mum, Dad & Nathan xxxx

  8. Okay Libi…stop already. You definately win…that’s just messing with me now – pretties in your hair is just not playing fair. Looks good – Vinnie would be so pleased (stop laughing). The changes – words can’t express my proudness (is that a word?). Love you xx

    1. The correct word is ‘pride’ 🙂 And I bought two clips to keep my hair off my neck because it’s sooooooo hot! Mrs Shimizu bought the little bow for me. And thank you for admitting defeat ‘bows extravagently’

      Love you 🙂

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