Day 9

Up earlish, the working group set out breakfast for others, morning prayers then out to meet over 1000 students ….
What an amazing welcome we all had! Our students did their item very well, nerves aside. Great speeches delivered by Jenny N, Caitlyn K, Kate B and Michael R , not easy to do in ones own language so much more difficult in another language. Entertained by the Taiko Drum Team and we had a special speech Rie Komori, she came an had an extended stay at Genesis in 2012.
Of special note: Breanna Hill had happy birthday sang to her by all the Minokamo students and staff!
Off to visit the new senior high school building; 5 stories and no lift for general student OR teacher use….no wonder they are so healthy!

We visited the mayor of Minokamo, a new and the countries youngest mayor at 30 years old, where we had our own paparazzi pack! Handed over a gift and we had speeches by our seniors.

An impromptu soccer match ensued between our students and the Minokamo soccer team, player of the match was Meegan Robinson!

An exciting and at times nerve wracking day, but so proud of all our students. Mrs S, Miss R, Mr K and Mr B.



















  1. Hi Briony. Love the green Shoes! You all look so good on stage. How is the Host family going? It is very quiet at home as Siaan is at SU MAC Camp this week. Stephen (from Hillsong/SMADD) is at MAC as a boys dorm leader… so she knows one person at least! Wonderful to see the photos of what the team is up to. We love you so much and pray you are having an amazing time. Make the most of the next 11 days. Thinking of you always with love. Mum. xx

  2. What a wonderful welcome to the school. Glad to hear your item and speeches went so well. Hope you have a fantastic time with your host family, and enjoy every minute. Mitch, Satori sent you another email, however, you were already in the air and on your way. Unfortunately, I can’t read it as it is in Japanese !! Funny that !! Happy adventures ! Love Mum, Dad, Lauren & Bundy xxxx

  3. Wow. What another great day for you all. So exciting to be at the school. Enjoy living with your new family for the week. Say hello to Ayaka and Kanoko from us. They must be so excited to see you again. To have you in their country and their school and for Ayaka in her home. Keep having a blast. Love you lots Meegan šŸ™‚

  4. Hi Caitlyn – it must have been a great experience today for you all as you entered the school- would love to have heard your speech – good on you ! Enjoy your stay with your host family – looking forward to seeing some pics if possible luv Nan Pa xxx

  5. Hi
    Great to see the day went so well – what a great welcome and introduction for you all. Hope you make some good friends at the school Oli – and have a fantastic experience at your home stay (message me on here if you can). Have fun – I know you will. Love Mum, Dad, Toby and Jess xxx

  6. Hi Breanna, Sounds like you had a great day with everyone singing Happy Birthday to you. Lucky Girl. No luck when I tried to phone. Hope to talk soon. Say a big hello to Yuna & her Family tomorrow and enjoy your stay with her. Love ya.

  7. What an amazing day you must of had. Hope you enjoy your time at Minokamo School and make some life long friends. Miss you Leishie xo.

    1. It was a really good day, i have already met a few people… Got emails and face book users šŸ™‚ i think home stay should be longer, but I’m really enjoying it! Miss you all too x

  8. Wow, what a wonderful day for you all. Love reading about your day and seeing all the great photos. Can’t wait to hear all the amazing stories. Elizabeth, please say hi to Yuna from all of us. Love you Miss Libi xx PS: the house is so quiet with only Miss A here.

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