Day 17

Matsumoto Castle and Mt Fuji!

The sun came out for most of the day. Lowing the team to walk around the beautiful Matsumoto castle. Students climb up through the hidden floors to the upper most floor, seeing displays of old weapons. Steep steps were a challenge carefully accepted. And we were rewarded with a lovely view.

Drive thought the mountains down to the Mt Fuji highland gave us a brief glimpse of the autumn leaves colour changes about to paint the entire area.
Lunch was at an old but quaint japanese tourist spot near aaa famous waterfall. The area famous for beautiful stone and ….grape ice cream! All students were shouted an ice cream and even saw some go back for seconds….

In the afternoon we drove to the 5th Step of Mt Fuji in order to get a view of the highest mountain in Japan at 3776 mts. Driving though the clouds was a bit mysterious and we only were given a brief glimpse of the summit. Agin the students were still happy as they ate more ice cream outside in 5′ temperature!

Tonight’s ryokan is on the lake not too far from Fuji San…in the morning when the students wake for a hot spring bath they will be able to see the mountain from the tub…should the clouds lift high enough!

Another traditional Japanese styled meal with grilled veggies, and pork with miso….

Hot baths and now all are about to have the lights out call done.
Your children are such amazing young people and such a blessing to us.


























  1. Hi Briony.
    The last post before we see you!! Yay!
    We have been googling Disneysea – looks like amazing fun. Wish we were there with you.
    See you Saturday.

    Mum, dad & siaan. xx

  2. It looks amazing – the photos are great and I love the castle! You must have had a spectacular day Oliver. Love you xx

  3. Hi All, good to still see all those happy faces. I got home after 1:00 pm on Sunday so spent a long time in transit. I am looking on very enviously at your further adventures wishing I was still with you. My closest look at Mt Fuji was from the aeroplane, certainly was impressive though. Grape ice cream sounds better than garlic hey Oliver.
    Travel safe and continue to make the most of your learning experiences.

  4. Spectacular scenery, and an amazing castle – just beautiful. Hope you got some great photos too Libi. Love you xx

  5. Wow ! What a magnificent castle ! The photos are fantastic Mrs S ! So, grape ice-cream…not something you would order every day !! Hope it tasted nice. Can’t wait to hear all about it ! Have another awesome day ! 🙂

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