Day 19


Big Bags sent to airport, then buffet breakfast and off to Disneysea!

Students worked out nice big friendship groups to spend the day with….teachers were around but allowed them to go and scream, laugh and enjoy all that is special about Disney.

Some cute items of clothing were purchased, not sure how they are going to carry them tomorrow as we do the final lot of sightseeing in Tokyo before heading to the airport….

I will attempt to post tomorrow evening before we leave. Your prayers for traveling mercies, team health and sanity always appreciated. With sincere thanks, Mr K, Miss R and Mrs S….

PS only a few photos as they were all off having too much fun to pose for my camera!

















  1. Thank you Mrs Shimizu, for keeping us updated with details of the adventure. We hope that you, Miss Roche and Mr Kriel were able to have a great time too. We can’t thank you enough for looking after the JOE team. Travel safely home, see you all tomorrow!

  2. Looks like everyone got into the fun and spirit of Disneysea. Love it. Praying for safe travels and imagining that there are lots of trips back to Japan in the future for you. Hi Reilly xx

  3. It has been wonderful to follow your trip over past 3 weeks and to see what an incredible time you have had – have a great trip back and we will look forward to seeing you Sunday Caitlyn xxx

  4. It is so hard to believe that your time in Japan is nearly at an end, however, looking back at the blog and reading what you have done and the places you have been, it really has been an amazing adventure ! The opportunity to experience such a unique culture is a gift, and we are really looking forward to hearing all about it. Have a fantastic day sightseeing today. Wishing you all safe travels, and we will see you tomorrow !! A very big thank you to Mrs S, Miss R and Mr K, for taking such wonderful care of our JOE2014 team ! See you back in Oz !

  5. Another wonderful day by the looks of it (Miss Roche, what IS that you’re about to eat????). I’m sure today will be just incredible, seeing the whole city of Tokyo and its many sights. Enjoy the final day in Japan. Our prayers continue to be with you for traveling mercies, a comfortable and hopefully sleep-filled flight home overnight and joyful reunion with our families tomorrow morning. We have prayed for you constantly during the trip and have insufficient words to thank Mrs Shimizu, Miss Roche and Mr Kriel for the amazing opportunities you have offered our children.
    God bless you all – and we’ll see you tomorrow!!!!!!!

  6. It has been wonderful following your many adventures. You all look like you have had the trip of a lifetime. Sad that it is coming to an but very happy because soon you will be home with your families again. Thank you to the amazing staff who have made this possible and especially Mrs Shimaz! We are so excited that you are coming home tomorrow Caitlyn – I have the hamburgers all ready to go!! Love you so much and we are just so so proud of you ♡Mum

  7. Hi Libi, looks like you had a great time at DisneySea – love the new cap. Can’t wait to hear what the park was like & how the fireworks and parade were. Have a great last day sightseeing. Love you … see you in the morning xx

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