Day 2 – To Kyoto we go…

Everyone was up and ready for the challenge of moving to Kyoto where we will be based for the next 4 days. Our ground agent Mr Watanabe from Tobu Top Tours made sure things went smoothly. Students were ever so patient and waiting quietly playing an interactive role play card game….(something new to Mrs S) organized by Issac C…..called Marfia 

JR Rail pass exchange office, Express trains then Shinkansen. Lunch was on the go; mixed sandwiches, crumb pork, and some very traditional bentos. Daniel B and Tailha  C driving right in and eating some interesting foods; stewed tofu and mountain yams…..and as Taliha discribed “it was a shiny, jelly thingy…” How was it? “…yeh….I ate it but..hmm…what was it?…” Yet another mystery….

Checking into New Miyako Hotel. An afternoon of exploring Kyoto Central District and then dinner at a buffet resturant…with a chocolate fountain; milk chocolate and matcha (green tea) chocolate.

Learning to shop in another language is always a life skill, they have made some interesting purchases…. Spending some time together at the Aoen mall allowed the team to get out and about in air conditioned comfort while making friendship groups. Well done students for the care and kindness shown to all!

These students are such a delight, just positive and doing what’s needed! Thank you parents , your children are amazing!

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  1. Hello Tahlia, great photo’s.. shopping, food, having fun..and trying different food(as you do) 😊 Have a great day and enjoy.. Nan

  2. Hi Aimee, hope you are all having the best time and enjoying every moment of this adventure. Can’t wait to hear/see what foods you are trying. Love you

  3. “Oh dear” – Chelsea/shopping & credit card…..what a mix – looks like Ill be working for a bit longer :). Have you told the teachers about bringing home that extra suit case yet!!
    Love ya

  4. Em and Kristy would’ve been happy with the chocolate fountain. What an experience to be able to do this trip and explore a great country. Love to you all.

  5. Hi Siaan. Thinking of you. Must be amazing to actually be there. How is the language going? Very excited for whole team. Mum

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