Day 3 – Exploring Kyoto…

Seeing the ancient sights while facing the typhoon! 

Well done to our students who made the most of a very wild wet day but truly enjoyed the historical world heritage listed sites they visited.

From trying to “out-ninja” each other on the nightingale floor of Nijo jo, to taking photos in a full-on down pour from the typhoon at the Golden Pavilion; the students managed to smile and even undertake the photo scavenger hunt challenge to find specific items at each historic location.

The kindness of our lunchtime restaurant owners saw our students given a meal upgrade and a warm dry place to refresh. Hannah S took time to say thank you and pass on a ‘say good’y’ gift! As impressed as we were with the level of kindness and care, they were so happy with our students positive attitudes and “GAMBARIMASU” spirit!

Dessert was interesting (fruit mochi), with a few students and one staff member learning not all foods are what they look like; whipped, pale pink like strawberry cream is creamed fish roe and it does not go with yogurt and fruit! How was the taste of that Jayde, Mr H?

Visiting the hill temple of Kiyomizu Dera had the team facing more rain, they managed to still catch some spring water from the waterfall to drink.

Mrs S called for a redirection with the rain increasing; saw the kind coach driver and guide take the team back to the hotel for a chance to warm up and a change of clothes before visiting a “one-stop-culture-show”. There the students learnt about and saw displays of flower arranging, stand up comedy, puppetry and beautiful  Maiko dancers (trainee geisha)

A very civilized dinner in the Hotel’s resturant finished off the busy day. Students were given the opportunity to email home only a few have taken that up, the others, which maybe shocking  for their parents did they own washing and prepared for tomorrow’s  adventure!

We are so very proud of all the students today, they displayed patience and understanding ; are learning to be flexible and practicing  the art of the glass “half full” but most of all a great sense of fun in the rain! Miss R, Mr C, Mr H, Miss W and Mrs S

Mr Holland’s put a few photos of today’s adventures together…enjoy!



  1. Hi Emily and Kristy I hope you’re enjoying yourself heaps. Em if you are sitting in front of food your unsure of just think of the people on Survivor.

  2. Loving the video, pictures and updates. Thanks Mrs S & Mr H. 😊

    Hey Mack
    Looking a bit wet, but still smiling. Good stuff buddy.
    P.S. I’ve put in our tips for the weekend. Storm & Nth Qld for u
    Canberra & Sharks for me .

  3. Hey Ryan, how was the pink dessert ? Were you game enough to try it? I am sure you are grateful we threw in that bright yellow poncho for the trip ! At least we can spot you in the video. keep having fun and thank you teachers for the video – awesome footage !

  4. Hi Tina. Looks like you are all having a ball despite the weather. Keep smiling! Love Mom.
    Thanks for the fun video Mr H.

  5. Hello Daniel & your touring friends.
    What a terrific video. As I read in another message, it felt like we were there too. It’s good to see, with the rain, you are all still enjoying yourselves. I would think there is & will be much more to see. Continue to travel safe & have a great time.

  6. What an amaxing place, even in the rain. You are all still smiling. Sounds like you’re all using your Japanese skills. Loving all the photos. Very pleased to hear there is some washing being done over there. Enjoy a adventure today.

  7. Hi Team. Great blog and fabulous photos and video – thank you. Almost like we were there with you! (We wish!) If it makes you feel better, it’s raining here today too…. well done for keeping spirits up despite the weather. Hopefully a bit finer and less rain over the next few days but great to see you making the most of it anyway. Have a great time today. 🙂

  8. Hello Siaan. It looks like you have had a cultural experience day …foodwise & shows! How are you holding up with the food & the rain?
    (Hope the raincoat is going its job well).
    You are very easy to see in photos in the red.
    Great job with video Mr H & info Mrs S.
    Wonderful to read & see a bit of what happens.


  9. Hi there
    Thanks Mr H for the video. Still beautiful scenery even when it’s raining!
    Easy to spot you Bella in your pink poncho! Hope you and your fellow traveller’s are having a great time.
    Love you lots!

  10. Hi everyone, sounds like it was an interesting day 😄, the sites look lovely. The video was great to see. Have a great day today. Mrs Lyne

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