Day 4- Himeiji castle exploration…

Today we were blessed with no rain and calmer weather; still sticky hot but bearable.

Jumping on the Shinkansen for the one hour trip to Himeiji gave the team time to catch up, complete work sheets and do their care squares. To the delight of the leaders many of the students listed for their five words for the day words like; fun, awesome, busy, exciting, new stuff and for a few students; waiting, queues, wet! 

Today the students’ challenge was to take an allowance and go buy lunch on their own and ask for a receipt…. Some very creative problem saw students eating a wide variety of lunches; octopus balls, sushi and even plain old sandwiches. This picnic lunch was enjoyed in the castle park before heading up to the castle!

After 8 years of refurbishment the students were ate to explore from the bottom to the top, all managed the steep stairs and low beams hitting heads.

After this they visited the adjoining garden, were are to walk though a beautifully crafted landscape; some amazing bonsai, bamboo and beautiful ponds and waterfalls.

Dinner tonight was a little different; kushikatsu. Cooked freshly in front of in your own little fryer…by your own hand! Basically they cooked their own dinner! 

A quick evening walk around the amazing Kyoto station saw the students challenge themselves to a stair challenge….well done Jarrod….

Again today they worked hard as a team to make sure everyone had a great day!


  1. It’s making my day to see all the smiling faces especially my girls. Lovely place to explore.
    Love you Em and Kristy xx

  2. Hi Hannah. Looks like you’re having an amazing time. Loving the regular updates and photos. The castle looks a little different to the ones you saw in England, very interesting. Love from Dad, Mum, Hayden and Gracie.

  3. Hi Aimee, looks like you’re having a great time and enjoying so many amazing experiences. Hope you’ve managed to take some amazing photos. Love you x

  4. Good morning JOE 2016 group (Hi Caiti). loving the photos and regular updates, we feel like we are there with you. what a great experience for you all. Huge thanks to the wonderful leaders for providing such a safe and supportive environment and giving the team the opportunity to experience Japan. Sayonara!! From the Palleschi family.

    P.S – Caiti, stay tuned for the rugby league results which I will post Sunday Morning…..Go the Cowboys!!!!!

  5. Hello Leila, Kyoto looks beautiful. Sounds like you’re eating well, using your Japanese and getting heaps of excercise. Those stairs look electric in the photo. An amazing day you’re so very lucky. Enjoy. Love from the Hunters, Matthews, Pokarier’s and us. 😍

  6. Hi Ella, it looks like you’re having an amazing time around Kyoto and seeing lots of different things. It’s great hearing about your daily adventures and I love the scavenger hunt, I bet it’s lots of fun. Mum xx

  7. Hey Tahlia! So great to see what you did today looks beautiful ! I hope you got some good photos, and so good to see your smiling face! Hope you have a great day tomorrow! X love you! Mum X ♥️🌸

  8. Hi Gracie🌺, the photos look wonderful, and the greenery amazing 🌲🌳🌿. You know how I love Gods gift of trees. The castle looked huge. Enjoy you day tomorrow, loving all the posts and photos. Love mum 💕

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