Day 5-Still fun in the rain with a surprise or two!

Weather is a factor when traveling but being able to move things around saw the team today rework the locations we visited.
Having survived playing in the “typhoon” a few showers didn’t stop us!

Miss R taking them through the maze of Kyoto station and travelling south down to Inari. Viewing the many beautifully craved stone foxes and smaller buildings in the complex, had students taking some beautiful photos. (We will start to showcase a few of our budding photographers soon ….stay tuned…)

Students took to covering as many of the 1000 Tori gates as they could untill the rain re-appeared. Enjoying the wonderful colour of the buildings and taking time to appreciated the history.

Lunch adventure was students leading their leaders… we split into five groups to Sit indoors for lunch. Everything from ramen (Tina did well with the side dish of mochi), Chinese sweet and sour pork ( Ami L B’s good choice) to pizza shared enmasse by Mr C’s group!

The rain slowed so we continued onto a special surprise location nearby the centre of Kyoto; Hoganji Temple. Being the largest fully wooden building in Kyoto, a beautiful and awe inspiring building; long covered verandas, wide steps; beautifully carved gold leaf covered panels; giving the team respite from the rain but also a moment of calm and tranquillity in the center of busy city life.

After all the rain at Kyomizu temple and the rush to find cover, Mrs S wanted to make sure the students were able to fully experience the awe of standing in a beautiful ancient temple and this one today was stunning.

Tonight saw the students entertained by ninjas! What a fun theatre resturant we went to! Ninja food, ninja decor, ninjatainment ….Hannah S may have found her calling…..a kitschy, funky and a little silly at times, the show was a great finish to a great day!

Students really pulled together to make it a memorable day! So proud of them; Miss R, Mrs S, Miss W, Mr C and Mr H.


  1. Hello Chelsea, I am enjoying my trip to Japan !!!!!! Every morning first thing straight on the computer to see the latest news. Its all sooooo good .All well in North Lakes,keeping busy talked to Mum this morning she is busy with work. I am meeting Yvonne for coffee and cake so must go . lots of love Nanna xxxxxxooo

  2. Hi Tahlia! Glad you got to have ramen! 😋 Looks delicious! Moses will be jealous you got to see real ninjas hehe, love you heaps X

  3. Hi Aimee, what a great you’re having. Love seeing all the smiling faces in the great photos. How are you enjoying the food? Love you x

  4. Hi Ella, you went to the place I was trying to find last year! I can’t wait to hear all about it and see your photos. It sounds like the Ninja dinner was interesting and lots of fun too. It’s incredible how much you’re fitting in to your time over there. Do you think Mrs S would mind organising my next trip? 😉

  5. Hi, looks like another amazing day! It’s lovely to see your photos everyday and see what you’ve been up to. Hope your enjoying the food Jade. Love Mum and Dad

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