Day 6 – Hiroshima; A day to reflect

23 September

Today we needed to do a site switch; traveling to the peace museum first and then onto the island of Miyajima. Tomorrow we will explore the island a little more before departing for a long trip out to the sister school.

 Bundling onto the Shinkansen from Kyoto, then off onto a busy tram saw our students arrive at the Atomic dome. Students were lead by Daniel B in a thoughtful and heartfelt prayer for all those lost and the suffering of all people during wars. At the Eternal Flame, our youngest student member Ami L B and oldest student Emily Rutter placed flowers in remembrance of the lives lost on August 6 1945.  

Our students impressed all the leaders by the level of respect and time they took to view and understand what had happen on the fateful day.
Though often emotional and even upsetting visiting the Peace Museum it is a valuable chance to reflect on the value of human life as the Hiroshima Peace Museum asks us to consider the terrible costs of war for ourselves, as well as for innocent children.

We all had time to reflect about the morning as we travelled over to Miyajima by ferry for the evening stay at our first Ryokan.

Walking along the foreshore to view the Grand Floating Torii gate and the Itsukushima shrine gave us all a sense of calm. Enjoying ice cream as we walked helped as well.

Bring chased by the deer not so much…

We were treated to an amazing multi course dinner and the students did so well trying so many different foods; tofu jelly, pickled fish, mountain yam dumplings, sesame pudding!

Some students tried the osen bath house….and fully enjoyed it and then encouraged all the others to go which they did! 

Tonight is their first night on tatami and sleeping on futons! Hoping for a restful night.


  1. Hi everyone it’s so great to see you all having fun and trying out the Japanese cuisine! Wow, there are some unusual items on their menus! We are thinking of you as you meet your new families – how exciting! We look forward to tesfing the next blog.

  2. Thanks again for today’s blog entry. It would have been quite a difficult day yesterday and it brought to mind the Bible verse from John 14:27: Peace I leave with you; my peace I give you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled and do not be afraid.

    Dan, Gracie and Russell would have loved to have come and rounded up those pesky deer for you. Not so sure the island would have been quite as peaceful after that though… 😉 Did anyone try garlic ice-cream like last trip?

    Look forward to seeing photos of you at Minokamo and wishing you all well for the next stage of your journey. One day at a time. They will love you!

  3. Hi Hannah and Aimee!! Hope you guys are having an amazing time in Japan!! Love you both heaps, keep having an amazing time ❤️ Enjoy the food 😉

  4. Hi Mack,
    Visiting Hiroshima would have been a very sad and emotional experience. Hope u r well. Love u buddy xx
    P.S. Cowboys went down to the Sharks last night 😁

  5. Absolutely amazing! What an incredible adventure in only 6 days. Thank you to all the teachers for share the journey with us. All the students have smiles from ear to ear.

  6. Hi Aimee, more amazing history for you to take in. Keep learning, making memories & enjoying all that JOE offers. *hugs*

  7. Looks like you’re all having a great time despite the rainfall. All the photographers and are to be commended, we’re all loving this blog. I’m presuming now you’ve all had a chance to experience the onsen, that you’re extending your stay on Miyajima??!! A beautiful relaxing island. Enjoy.

  8. お早う – Im sure Hiroshima was an emotional place to visit for all but part of history – what was nice, was it was visited in what looks like sunshine (a little rear thus far). Give our love to Naoko and the family Chel – enjoy the next adventure…..”Sherlock really enjoying sleeping on your bed while your gone” 🙂
    Big hugs from us, keep those pics coming xxxx

    1. Hi mum and dad hope your all doing well, missing you tones. So far having a good time, about to see Naoko again and I’m super excited and tired. (U better get Sherlock and his flees away from my bed!)

      See you soon xx Chels

  9. Hi everyone, I love seeing all the great photos, and story for the days trip. 🌺 The visit to Hiroshima would have been very humbling. What an amazing trip so far, you are all getting to see so much. Big thanks Mrs Shimizu for the work you put into organising everything the kids see. Great to see all the smiling faces. 😄😀 Love you Grace 🌺 Have a great time today.

  10. It’s good to see everyone enjoying themselves. Em and Kristy take everything in I’m looking forward to hearing about it all. Miss you heaps. 😗

  11. Hi all. Wonderful to see your smiling faces. Being at Hiroshima would be confronting – but we hope enriching.

    Siaan – Look forward to hearing your stories when home – take lots of pics.

    Mum xx

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