Good morning from Minokamo

We are back on the air!

 In about 15 minutes the students will be at their Welcome Assembly! They have rehearsed and are ready to go! 

Later today when we can catch our breath we will catch up. 

We covert your prayers as our young people take on yet another challenge. So proud of them! 


  1. Hi everyone, you all look so excited to taking on another adventure😀😀😀😀love seeming the photos and videos. Enjoy your time. Love you Grace have an awesome time. 🌺🌺

  2. It is fantastic to track your journey. Great to see you all getting the most from this amazing opportunity.

    Just quietly – i wish i was there with you!

  3. Hi guys! Thinking of you and hope the Welcome Assembly went well. It will be great to meet your host families and get into a bit of a routine with them for a few days. Think of all the stories you can share when you are back together again each day! Have a fantastic time.

  4. Looking good! Great to have such an experience (challenge) but made so much better having others to share it with. Enjoy every part of this leg of your journey! love Warren, Andrea and Anna (Joseph’s family)

    1. Thanks everyone. Missing you all lots. We are having such a great time meeting new people and building relationships with both the Genesis and Minokamo students. Tonight is the first night with our home stay family. I’m super keen but nervous at the same time. My buddy is really cool and supportive, along with his mates. Send my love to Nan and Grandad and give the puppies a big cuddle for me. See you all soon.

    1. Hi dad and Lockie! I’m having a great time at Minokamo! I’m nervous for the home stay but I know I can do it! I’m thinking about you heaps and I’m going to have so much fun! I’m smiling heaps and trying new foods and eating a lot! I’ve done so many experiences and I have less than two weeks to experience more, I’m so excited! I love you and miss you guys so much!! Love Chloe xoxo I hope Australia is good because Japan is great!

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