1. Wow! Looks like so much fun! It’s exciting to open the blog site and see what’s been happening since the last post. Sharing the link with lots of people so they can enjoy the experiences as well. Joseph, you look like you’re having a ball! Enjoy the rest of your week at school. Miss ya heaps but can see you’re having the time of your life. love Mum, Dad and Anna

  2. Hi Jade, as always it’s lovely to see all the pictures and videos of everyone. I imagine there’s been lots of new experiences!

  3. Absolutely fantastic. We love seeing the excitement and smiles on everyones faces. A life time of memories being made. Hi Bronte, Dad ☺

  4. Love reading the daily blog and looking at the photos, but wow, the videos are amazing – thanks so much. I know we can save the photos but is there any way we can get copies of the videos…what amazing memories to look back on. Love seeing everyone having so much fun – all your smiling faces.

  5. Thank you so much for the videos and blogposts. They are bringing such joy, to see our loved ones having so much fun and sharing (on a new level) their experiences. We are so grateful, Mr Hollands and team, for your updates. God bless.

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