Chloe says hi…

Hi everyone, 

Today is the third day at Minokamo school going to classes with our buddies and doing Japanese cultural lessons. We’re having heaps of fun learning about Japanese culture and getting to know each other. 

Tonight will be our second night with our home stay. As some of us are sleeping on beds or futons or eating raw fish or Japanese fried chicken, we always find a way to have fun and put a smile on each other’s face and our own.

One thing I have eaten so far is cold egg and corn soup and it was different. (Mrs S says we’re not to use the word “disgusting” and we have discovered lots of other adjectives!)

 This is an incredible team who are so kind and make this opportunity so amazing. We have a week and a half to go so all of us are going to make the most of this opportunity! All the leaders are so incredible and prepared us so well! I miss you family, friends and pets! 

Have a good day!

~ Chloe F


  1. Thanks Chloe that soup does sound ‘different’ my whole family agrees hehe . Thank you for the update! Give Tahlia a big hug from me! Super proud of her and you guys sound amazing as a team! Thank you for all the photos and posts! Tahlias mum 🙂

  2. Hey Joseph!
    I know your probably not expecting this but it’s Katelyn here!
    I hope your having an amazing time in Japan, experiencing and learning new things, and absolutely loving every second of your trip!
    I’ve been in The Sunshine Coast since the 21st of September with Mum, Dad and Kiarn.
    Steven came down for a few days as well.
    I got to catch up with your parents and sister, I missed seeing you though, but I’m sure I’ll see you in no time.
    The family says Hi, and hope all is well!
    We’ve just been chilling out by the pool/beach, went to Movie World, Australia Zoo and a few other things.
    I hope your having an awesome time in Japan, i’m crazy jealous… and I can not wait to hear all about this amazing adventure your experiencing.
    Make sure you have some sushi for me!
    I’m missing you heaps, hope to see you soon!
    From Katelyn xoxo

    ps. Stop growing!! Your dad said how tall you’ve gotten and I don’t think it’s fair – I guess I’ve lost the growing game.

  3. Hi Chloe,
    We are so glad that you are having a wonderful time and enjoying your stay with your host family. Miss you and love you.

  4. Hey Chelsea
    It is so great to see the photos and videos. Please send our love to Naoko and her family. It is so great that you are meeting up with her again. Make sure she knows she is always welcome at our place if she wants to come back and visit. I hope they liked their gifts. See you in 10 days. Miss and love you heaps and heaps Love Mum xxxx

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