Day 12 – Visiting the mayor we go…

Thursday 29 September

This morning students went into various classes; Maths, English, Japanese…. even Physics!  

They are doing so well, giving everything a go, so very impressed by them all!

After lunch we went to visit the mayor of Minokamo City. He is in his fourth year and at 32 years old is the youngest mayor in Japan. He told our students that he wishes for young people to care about politics enough to become involved. 

The students also went to visit two local sightseeing places; one to learn about the Nakasendo (the Middle Road) and the second to learn about the local history.

Sending the students off with smiles and a little bit of excitement as Friday is a pupil free day at the sister school, I reminded them that I was just a phone call away! Not that they will be needing to call as they are doing so very well! 

Wonder what adventures they will undertake on Friday!


  1. Hey Tahlia ! Great to see more photos of you! I hope your having a great time with your host family! Looking forward to hearing all about it ! Xx love you x Mum

  2. Hi Chel – glad to see you haven’t lost your sense of humour “photo bumping” always a good way to get noticed :).
    Great experience and honour to meet the Mayor of Minokamo City.
    Well time is running out girl so soak it up – we look forward to all the stories.
    Lots of hugs xx

  3. Hi Bronte, I can not wait to hear about your adventures and experiences next Saturday. I hope you have enjoyed your stay with your host family. Hate to say but your sister has missed you heaps. Love Dad and Mum

  4. Hi Chloe, great to see all the photos and videos of you, it must be very interesting learning all about the culture. Shogenji temple is so majestic. Always good to see your smiling face.
    Love Dad

  5. Hi Mack
    Have a great day with your host family today! Meeting the mayor is very impressive! Can’t wait to hear all your stories – bet you’ve got a few!!
    Granny, Granda Ronnie and Emmy are sending you their love.
    Take care buddy.
    Love you lots, Mum and Dad xx

  6. Hi Noah & Isaac, great to see you guys and see that you look like you are enjoying yourselves. Isaac, do you enjoy the fashion of the face mask or is it for a practical reason? Trust you are well and having a great time. It is very quiet here without you guys around.
    We are well, Juba is a bit of a sad sack at the moment as he has to wear one of those protective cones around his head to stop him getting at his wound.
    Looking forward to hear all of your great stories when you get back, especially about all the great food you tried 😉
    Love Dad

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