Day 13 -Day off for all…but here’s a little video

Friday 30 September

 Today is a pupil free day. The students are off on their individual adventures, of which we will hear all about tomorrow. And the staff did ..laundry and a little bit of shopping.

Mr Hollands and Mr Conolly went on a little train adventure. Miss White is catching up with friends.  While Miss Roche works on extra Japanese speeches for our big Sayonara Party tomorrow ,  I have done this quick slide of the students meeting their host families, enjoy. Mrs S


  1. Dear Learna, Thank you so much for the photo gallery of our kids meeting their host families. Now i can picture who Ryan Is with. They look like fun! The videos and photos that you leaders have shared with us have made it so enjoyable being able to follow their adventures. One week to go!
    Ryan’s mum Denyse

    1. Thank you Denyse, it is our pleasure and I always like to think what would I need as parent if my child was over here.

      Even though we show the blog to the students….they read the encouraging comments but often don’t reply, mainly because they are so busy but content with the know,edge that all is well back at home!

  2. Hi Chels – just cause I can ” pinch & a punch for the first of the month”….happy for returns 😆😆

  3. A few familiar Minokamo faces there and Genesis students all look very relaxed and happy. It’s a credit to the students, and to the teachers who prepared them for this venture how well they are all doing.

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