Day 16 – Saying Goodbye to our friends at Minokamo…from the students 

Monday 3 October

It’s always hard to watch our students say teary goodbyes but also satisfying to see they have made such wonderful connections with the people at our sister school.

A big thank you to all at Minokamo the Principals, staff, parents and students who have made us feel so welcomed and taken such kind care of us all! Some of us will reconnect next year when Minokamo students visit Genesis.


Today was Probably one of the hardest days, saying goodbye to such amazing people that over time have transitioned from friends to family. They will be dearly missed and will forever be in our hearts. Visiting one of the UNESCO World Heritage Sites; Shirakawa Go, was amazing and full of interesting details. As exciting as it is to be on the home stretch, it will be sad to leave behind such an amazing and beautiful country along with the unique people we’ve met along the way. 💕


Hi having a great time in Japan. The home stay was great we had so much fun. Please relay message to the Denning family that the Minokamo Student they hosted will be sending gifts soon


Hello people, Japan is SUGOI!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t wait to get home and unload myself of all the gifts for my family that my host family so ‘graciously’ gave me. Beware family, there is a whole bag (which I have not even bothered to open yet). Hope the house is still fun without me (and, ahem, Noah)


Herro. Loving Japan so much, there are so many beautiful places to go and scenery to see. We are all having the time of our lives and getting beautiful photos. We all miss our host brothers and sisters and all shed the same tears this morning, though we are all feeling better now and singing together on the bus. I miss my friends and family so much, can’t wait to see you all soon. Love you.


Hey everyone! Japan is amazing and I am loving every moment and opportunity. It was a very emotional goodbye to our host families but we are  travelling and on our way to see some amazing things and create some beautiful memories! We will be home in a few days and our suitcase is threating to break with the amount of things we have purchased! Can’t wait to be home! Have the vegemite and steak burgers ready!

Hannah S

Hello parents and friends! Japan has been so amazing so far and I’m sure it’s only going to get better. The home stays were amazing and I know if I come back to Japan I have a home to go to with my second family. Apart from my family one thing I’m missing! We are staying safe and will see you soon! Missing everyone like crazy and hope you enjoy the last week of freedom before we come back!!! Lots of love, Hannah xx


Hey guys and girls, Japan been really awesome so far, Theres always something to do and lots of fun and cultural immersion to be had. The food is…..interesting (how does baked tofu sound), especially there portions. Very lucky that my host family didn’t go bankrupt. Missing all my folks back home, but loving every moment here. (By the way do not tell who the new Nrl premiers are please). Lots of love from the mountains of Japan. 🇯🇵 


Hey everyone, sorry contact has been so terrible, the days here are really busy and by the end of the day, I’m too tired to do anything but sleep. Anyway this entire trip has been amazing and the home stay was awesome- much easier than I thought it would be. The places that we’ve been to are beautiful, I’ll be sorry to leave. Though the food has been a challenge I still love almost every Japanese food. I’m looking forward to the next week and cannot wait for DisneySea. I miss you all, Jade. 


Hey everybody, Japan has been absolutely amazing so far. Home stays were great and we were all sad to leave but super excited for our last week of sightseeing and heading towards Tokyo. The food although sometimes interesting, is really delicious and we are definitely not starving. I’m buying tons of Japanese souveniers to give you all. Love you all, and miss you all,  enjoy one more week of freedom and have fun at school!


Hi everyone, I love this place! The scenery, people and food couldn’t get better. We just finished a week with our home stay families and they were so kind and inclusive. I already miss them. It’s crazy how close someone can get to a family in just one week. I’m so excited for the rest of our time in Japan and will really miss the people and culture here. Missing everyone at home so much. See you all soon. 


Hey guys. Japan is wonderful and is one of my favourite places – almost as good as Steyr. It’s been really amazing and it’s tragic that it’s ending soon. Looking forward to see you guys again soon 😀


Hey everyone, I am having a great time! The people, culture and views are great. I have enjoyed all the places we visited and can’t wait for the places we will be visiting. I miss you guys heaps. See you soon 🤗! I can’t wait to find out who won the footy final!!! I hope the storm! Bye.


Hey everyone! Having a great time in Japan. Enjoying all the pleasures that Japan can give it’s a true experience. I’ve enjoyed so many cultural wonders in such a short time, a little overwhelming if I’m honest. Can’t wait to come home and share the amazing experience I’ve encountered. Hope everyone is well and Safe, can’t wait to see my family again, missing them so much. Such a scary thought that it will be over in 5 days. See you all soon. 😄🇯🇵🍥


Hey everyone, Japan is truly amazing.the people are wonderful and the scenery is absolutely stunning. I really do miss everyone so much,but also love it here. Stay safe. I look forward to telling you all about this one in a lifetime experience!😄😄


Hey guys, We said goodbye to our host families this morning and they were really sweet by stocking our bags up with Japanese snacks and chocolate for the bus trip. We are now coming to the last few minutes of the bus journey through the mountains at about 6pm (7pm Australian time). looking forward to seeing familiar faces again, but not too soon. love you all

Chloe and Cata
hi everyone! after a week with our host families, today was the day to say goodbye to them. there were lots of tears as throughout the week we made close bonds with our host families and we’re going to miss them so much! we only have a week left 😦 so if its rain or shine, wherever we’re going we all are going to be smiling and having a great time! we are travelling up in the mountians so the views are incredible! talk soon and stay safe!! so excited to tell everyone this amazing experince called JOE 2016.


  1. Hey Ella and Jade! Sorry I only saw this post today I had a shift last night and crashed when I got home. I’m glad to hear you two are having a lovely time. I hope your last few days are absolutely amazing, but I can’t wait to see you both when you get back. Sophie

  2. Hi Joseph, nice to read a few words from you. The photos are amazing. You are all experiencing so many different things. This will be a trip of a lifetime – one that you’ll remember for a long while. Great that you can share it with your school friends.
    Have a great last days. Remember … don’t bring home any Aussie souvenirs just Japanese ones! Can’t wait to see you. Miss you heaps dude. Love mum and dad xx

  3. Hi Tina
    We’re missing you too. Glad to hear you are taking photos, cant wait to see them. Enjoy your last few days because they are going to go so quickly. Keep smiling!
    Love Mom

  4. Hi Em and Kristy I’m glad you’re both enjoying yourselves. You are coming home right??
    I can’t wait to hear all about your home visits. The house is sooooo quiet and CLEAN. Love you both 💕💕

  5. Hello Caitlin, I would love to tell you who won the football but I read a post from Mack who has asked for it not to be disclosed (he must have taped the game) so you will have to wait until Saturday to find out the winner. I can tell you it was a cracking game!!! Enjoy the rest of your week. Lots of love from Mum, Dad, Dom and Rigby 🙂

  6. Hi Caitlin I can’t wait to hear all about your trip it looks like it has been so much fun lots of ❤️ Aunty Tina xxxx

  7. Hello Chelsea, its countdown now four more sleeps and I cant wait to hear all the news of your fabulous trip. love and blessings

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