Highlands A-calling 

Hi All, Miss Roche here again! I wanted to take the opportunity to check-in and let you know how well the students are progressing. It was truly a blessing to witness the genuine affection they both gave to their host families and received back in kind. Many tales of heartfelt letters, gifts, special family meals and memories were exchanged in the bus as we embarked on our figurative trek into the highlands. Each student had experienced the best of Japanese hospitality and now has the gift of a unique and wonderful memory of the trip that belongs to them alone. The big and small acts of kindness by our friends at the sister school never cease to amaze us and I know the students have been enriched by their thoughfulness. 

Our jaunt into the mountains has been accompanied by a moving picture show of breathtaking scenery out the bus windows as we take in the general majesty of what Japan has to offer. The journey so far has been punctuated with spontaneous group karaoke and choreography as ‘excellent’ as it is innovative! The team leaders were thrilled yesterday to see the continued engagement of the students’ with various sites of historical and cultural significance. Despite their tiredness, they continue to ask insightful questions and seek out opportunities to use their Japanese language skills. They are truly an impressive group. I’d like to give a special shout-out to the student who asked me for directions to the toilet in pure Japanese yesterday (even though we were all Aussies there). You know who you are! I hope you’re proud of that moment – where language distinctions faded and you were just plain ‘communicating.’ How exciting! 

As the calendar prompts the students to begin turning their faces towards home, it has been great to see them determined to gain as much from this final leg of the trip as possible. They have been encouraging one another to continue cultivating new friendships and to acknowledge the personal development that has occurred so far. 

Thanks, as ever, for your support and for blessing your children with this once-in-a-lifetime adventure! 


  1. Thank you, Miss Roche. The students’ engagement highlights what an important and long term role model you are in intoducing Japan and sharing your love for all things Japanese with our children when they are in primary school. Thank you so much ✌🏾️

  2. Hi Tina, great to see you are having a great time, looking forward to catching up and hearing all the adventures. I was hoping to see you in Narita on Friday but have to be at work that day, so it will have to wait till I’m home. Have fun!!

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