Our Reflections of Japan…

A few of our students have shared some of their personal endeavors and highlights….

What amazing young people we have….

Aimee Bouter

My highlight of the trip would have to be realizing how similar yet different I am to other people on the JOE team, the Japenese people and just every one else.

Aimee Beverstock

My highlight was when the age and grade differences didn’t get in the way of our new friendships. Like I made friends with people that I have never heard of in my life and wth people that I thought I would never be friends with. I made friends with a person over shaperning pencils and I made friends over taking photos, and helping them take photos.

Caitlin Palleschi 🙂

This trip has been so amazing it is hard to pick one highlight, I have enjoyed every moment of it! It has been great to be immersed in the culture and visit all of the places. But my favourite aspect of the trip would be the friendships and bonds each and every member of the team has created with each other, no matter the grade barriers! 🙂 

Chelsea Cadigan 😉 

This trip has given me such a bigger appreciation for everything I have at home, my family, my friends, teachers and most importantly the Japanese culture. My highlight has been getting a better understanding of myself and my peers and what I can do encourage the people around me and support them if needed and the fact that I’ve begun to meet knew people it’s a true blessing. It’s a real experience that won’t be forgotten. 

Hannah Smith ❤

 This trip has been amazing but my highlight by far has been the homestay! My family was amazing and I miss them so much, it was great having sisters for a change and my lil bro was really nice. I cried so much the morning we said goodbye, but found out that my home stay bro is coming over next year. I’m super excited to show him the same amount of hospitality and kindness that I received.

Rhys Warner

Japan has been great and I have loved all of it! I especially enjoyed visiting the castles as the architecture was intricate and unique. I have made many new friends especially Hannah smith ( Awwww thanx Rhys- Hannah).

Grace Lyne

Japan has been so incredible but my highlight so far would have to be the homestay! My homestay family was amazing and I love how alike they are to my family; I will truly miss them so much and the best part is knowing that I have another family halfway across the world who loves me. I will never forget them and will always cherish the memories I have made with them.

Isaac Caitens

Japan is an amazing country and the whole trip has been a wonderful experience, but if I had to choose the one thing that really was a highlight, it would have to be the openness and willingness of the Japanese people, especially my host parents. I really enjoyed sitting at the family table talking with my host family and exchanging phrases. It really is wonderful that they were willing to open their home to me (a stranger) for a week.

Daniel Butcher 

I’ve had such am amazing time in Japan so far and there has been no one thing that has been better than all the other awesome moments. I would say the best thing has just been the change of pace from normal life in Australia and the break from our usual lives and culture. It’s been absolutely awesome that as a group we’ve become great friends and had some absolutely hysterical moments! Quite sad that it’s almost over.

Leila Pokarier

I love Japan sooooo much! The culture, people and sites all contribute to this amazing country. My favorite part of this trip has been the home stay, were I found that a family nine hours away could be so similar to mine at home. It was such an amazing and unique experiments were many friends and relationships were made. 🙂

Mackenzie Clark 

I’ve had an awesome time in Japan. My favourite part of the trip has been experiencing the difference in culture (mainly the difference in food) from our  western lifestyle. The home stay was a great experience for all the Joe team, especially the teachers as they didn’t have to be around us for most of the day. (Mac…we always miss our little Genki Gaijins- Mrs S)

Bella Gilligan 

Being in Japan has been such a life changing experience, the amount of self growth and maturity that everyone has undergone has been amazing. I have loved becoming friends with everyone and hanging out with new people. I am going to miss my host family so much, but I will never forget them and I will know that I have a second family half way across the world. I love Japan! And I will never forget this experience.

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