1. I think the real fun will start today on-board Shinkansen, the bullet train. Have a great time Blake… and take a lot of nice pix.
    Love Dad XXXOOO

  2. So glad you’ve arrived safely. Have a wonderful time. Webmiss you Blakey, please give him our love.

    Mum and Laurie 😘😘

  3. Glad to see you’ve arrived safely in Narita.
    Have a good rest and be refreshed in the morning for the amazing adventure that awaits you all.
    Love you Vrishin
    Mum, Dad, Kairav, Baa and Lexi

  4. You’ve landed!!! Now the real adventure starts! Sleep well tonight and have an amazing week! Love you baylee!
    Mum and crew

  5. Hay Gang,
    See that you have arrived. Was awesome to see you all at the airport before departure. Tracked your flight with Flight tracker and saw your plane land at Narita Airport safe and sound. Have a great first night. The adventure has begun. Love you Bohdi Jay. Mum and Dad.

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