JOE 2018 Day 5 – Thu 27

The team had an early start today as we bid the city of Kyoto a fond farewell and moved to take up residence in Hiroshima. On the way, we stopped at Himeji to visit the famous and oh-so-beautiful original castle that presides over the city from its fortified position on a hill. An obento picnic lunch was enjoyed within the castle grounds before beginning the ascent up the hill to explore the castle itself. The students were able to take in a lot of historical information along the way, soaking up the mysterious atmosphere of the castle proper. An incredible view was had at the very top of the castle keep before the team began their trek down the hill. The surrounding Japanese gardens were enjoyed by the team and the happy discussions of the students seemed to match the tranquility of this very green space.

Next, it was onwards to our new hotel, just opposite Miyajima (the island home of the famous floating Torii gate). After a lovely dinner, the team was treated to a private night boat cruise around this gate and its surrounds. We were very lucky to have this opportunity that most Japanese people may not get to experience themselves.

What a lovely way to finish the day this turned out to be. All students are safe and sound and looking forward to the adventures that tomorrow bring.

-Miss R and Mrs S


  1. Hope you enjoying your trip niece looks like fun. Of a atu seiloni and look forward to seeing more pictures and videos

    Aunty Seini and cousins isaia and monson

  2. It all looks so good. How lucky to do the boat trip around the floating torii gate. So many amazing memories being made. Looks like you are having an amazing time Abz.

  3. Cannot wait in the morning to open the video diary and share your adventures. It looks like you are all having an incredible time. The food looks yummy.. miss you Charlize, enjoy every minute and take lots of photos.

  4. Hi Caitlin, Sariah and Rach,
    I hope you guys are having an amazing time so far! The Himeji castle looked cool hahah you made it onto the genesis insta page. Can’t wait to hear all about it when you get back
    issy, sollie and gracie ❤

  5. Awesome. I honestly had no idea that Japan was so beautiful. Good to see Hayley has mastered the chopsticks, good work!

  6. Wow!! what an awesome experience for you all . Vrishin we are loving, waking up in the morning and watching these videos and seeing you are having a fabulous time.
    Glad to see you are trying variety of different food.😉😄
    Love mum,dad and Kairav 😘😘

  7. Another lovely day Josh. We are enjoying waking up to these videos too and seeing how much you are enjoying yourself. Love Mum, Dad, Luke and Finn

  8. It’s so lovely to wake every morning and see such a wonderful movie production. A big thank you. I’m missing little Blakey so much but gives me comfort is seeing his and so many beautiful smiles.
    That food looks fantastic. I could probably learn to prepare that Blake as little cooking required. Surely I couldn’t burn rice?
    I Love you and miss you darling, (not just your foot massages😉)
    Mum 😘😘😘

  9. I love how every trip there is just something a little different… already on this trip you’ve done the GEAR production and the tour around the torii gate… I’m excited for you – but also just a tad jealous!

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