JOE 2018 Day 11 – Wed 3 Oct

Business as usual…!

The students met together at school this morning with an enthusiastic air of business-as-usual’ as they settled into Japanese life with their host brothers and sisters. Still bubbling over with interesting stories of their adventures with their host families the night before, the students spent the first half hour of their school day in homeroom trading experiences with each other.

Then it was time to join their buddies for another round of immersion lessons in various subjects. Shae had a unique opportunity to participate in an interview conducted fully in Japanese which was broadcast through the school’s radio station during lunch time. She conducted herself with such warmth and composure in the face of a somewhat daunting and last minute challenge. She should be very proud of her accomplishment. We will be sharing an audio file and transcript of her interview here on the blog later in the week (if technology allows).

Minokamo will be mounting a sports carnival tomorrow and Genesis students will form the purple, ‘Sparkle’ team. With six-legged races and giant jump rope events planned, Mr Connolly ran the students through a practice run in the afternoon.

The day ended with a formal lesson in the Japanese art of the tea ceremony in a beautiful washitsu heya (traditional room) with culture teacher Ms Mori. While the flavour of the seasonal sweets and matcha tea was a little challenging for some students, the time spent appreciating the quintessential Japanese spirit was well worth it!

The students were sent home with custom made purple team shirts for tomorrow’s sporting endeavours and a reminder to get some solid rest tonight.


  1. Tea wasn’t too bad. Not my fave. We all had so much fun yesterday at the sports festival. Very different to genesis.

    I wish I was there for dinner. Warner tavern? I can’t wait to see you all next weekend!

  2. Hay Bohds, Glad to hear you’re having a good time. I’m looking forward to having you cook us some food! I’m enjoying seeing you every day! Keep having fun and experiencing everything.
    Love you too Bohdi Jay!!

  3. Hi Josh. Great to see you enjoying yourself and expanding your life experiences. Hope you are enjoying living with Masehide and his parents. Judo and Kendo look fantastic! Miss you and Love you,
    Dad, Mum, Luke and Finn

  4. Have loved seeing these photos of everyone having so much fun at the school and embracing all the culture and experience. Abbie, after seeing you in the martial arts, Jemma gave me a lesson, so I can be prepared for when you get home. Keep having fun and enjoying every moment.
    Love us x

  5. Hi Allie, love your daily updates which show what an amazing cultural experience this is. You certainly have visited some incredible places and historic sites. I’m sure it’s not just learning but heaps of fun sharing it all with friends. What a show and tell it will be when you get back!
    Go Purple Sparkle. 💜
    Hugs from Nanna

  6. Hello Vrishin
    Say Hi to the host family from us. Iam sure Rei is looking after you well .
    We are loving seeing you in the slide show every morning. Have fun at the carnival😊
    Miss you mum, dad ,Kairav xx

  7. Hi Sam!
    Hope you’re enjoying all these amazing experiences! Have fun at sports day today! Go team Sparkle!
    Mum xo

  8. Hi Caitlin, we’re loving seeing the video footage at brekkie each morning. It’s the highlight of my day! The tea ceremony looked beautiful. Missing you, Mum, D, S, Gracie and Misty.

  9. Hi Allie,
    These videos are fabulous. We love watching them, and sending them on whats app to the family. How did the 3 (or 5) legged race go? Hope you can remember all the stories! You have seen so much and we are really thankful for such a wonderful team taking care of you – and taking many photos. We miss you, even Charlie who stayed over the weekend. Lots of love,
    Mum & Dad xxx

  10. Wow. Every day seems like a new experience. Missing you heaps Josh but can see you are having a great time. You look more grown up in every photo.
    Love Mum, Dad, Luke and Finn xxx

  11. Clearly another day full of great adventures. These slideshows are the highlight of my day. At least you are easy to find with the facemask Charlize, hope you get well soon.

      1. Thank you for letting us know…will be an interesting experience to be sick in Japan and keeping everything “inside”….lol

  12. Hi Michael
    We miss you heaps. Hope you are having a great week with your host family! Say hi to Yoshiki from us! We can’t wait to hear all about it! Love Mum and Amy

  13. Hi Sariah,
    Hope you are having a great time with Miko and her family. Please say hi to them from us and Juba. How is Chocolate? You look like you are having a wonderful time in everything we see you doing. The boys are enjoying watching the videos and remembering their trip, so you will be able to remind them of lots of fond memories when you get home.
    We look forward to hearing all about everything when you get home.
    Miss you lots, Juba barks hello!
    Love Mum and Dad.

    Survivor update: Brian made a big mistake and as a result his alliance is gone with Fenella and Monika gone home now. Now there are 4 left, Sharn, Shane, Shonee, and Brian.

    1. Hey, Sariah here,

      I am having a great time in japan and enjoying everything, this trip is the most fun. I have made lots of new friends and my host family is great, I am also enjoying classes with Miko! We have played so many card games so thank Isaac for giving knowledge of that. This trip is one of the best experiences of my life. I hope Jet go my happy birthday message

      Ps thanks for the survivor update

  14. Hi Aimee,
    It’s so great to see the wonderful experiences you are having. I had a lovely email from your host buddy with a video of you doing karaoke!!!! What a lot of fun.
    Love mum and dad

  15. Looking forward to seeing your photos. I hope you are having a wonderful time. C u soon.

  16. Hey Jazzie, we are so happy you are enjoying your time in Japan. Please say Hi to Ai and thank her family for us. I hope our message got through as reply emails to her mum have bounced. Sheri and josh send their love too. Miss you, mum and dad xo

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