JOE 2018 Day 19 – Thu 11 Oct

Off to the Magical Kingdom of Disney today!

The team awoke with a sense of excitement and anticipation before fuelling-up at breakfast for an exciting day. Some of them learnt that he/she who hesitates is lost at a breakfast buffet at a busy Tokyo hotel! Only kidding – everyone navigated their way through the large assortment of choices to have a good Japanese/Western-style brekkie.

Once at the theme park, the students scattered in their buddy groups with carefully laid plans to see every possible attraction (some armed with pre-highlighted and numbered maps)! They were armed with information regarding checkpoints and meeting times with staff should they need assistance but all students looked as though they were determined not to stop! It was a great, fun-filled day for all.

WHERE ARE OUR STUDENTS?….(Having the time of their lives!!!)

They had some tales of their adventures once the team met up at the end of the day (each buddy group excitedly talking over the others but somehow still following the group conversation).

The team was too busy having fun to pose for many photos today but no doubt there will be lots and LOTS to come!


  1. What a great day!! Were there any rides daredevil-Sam did not go on? Not long no until we meet you at the airport nice and early… What an adventure! See you soon! Mum x

  2. Looks like a real fun day. Love the hats guys
    Well I got my dates wrong Blake, thought you were home today, der. Lucky your dad called me so I wasn’t waiting at the airport 6am this morning, lol. Cant wait to see you, enjoy your last day today.
    Safe flight everyone
    Love Mum xxx

  3. It looks like you had an amazing time at Disneysea! That’s a big hat you have Caitlin! We can’t wait to see you and hear all your incredible times in Japan. We’ve loved seeing the video blog each morning. We really feel connected with your adventures. Grace can’t wait to see you.
    Love Mum, D, S, Gracie and Misty

  4. Wow we are going to miss the daily blog. We really look forward to it everyday. Thank you so much for ensuing we have been able to stay in touch with what has been happening. Looking forward to seeing you the morning Abz.
    Have a good flight everyone, we all know how excited you must be to come home and get ready for school on Monday!!!

  5. I hear my resident scaredy cat went on rides!!! I’m shocked and amazed and beyond proud! Guess that means we can get those One Passes after all!

    Enjoy your last day, we will see you in the morning… I promise to set the alarm and not forget you!

    Love you Baydo!


  6. Love the headband Josh! Can’t wait to see you and hear all the stories. BTW you still have a bit of money left on your travel card if you get time to do last minute shopping today… Love Mum, Dad, Luke and Finn

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