A Highlight from Tokyo

Each JOE trip has something new to do or a new place to visit.

JOE 2018 was the first to visit the newly opened Mori Build Digital Art Museum which was designed by Teamlab Borderless.

The following video doesn’t do this immersive creative experience justice but I’m hoping after viewing it you may understand why your children are raving about it!

Stunningly beautiful and emotive! Have been told by the team it’s a “keeper” – Mrs S

One comment

  1. Boy ‘o’ boy. I know we have thanked the JOE team many times over the past few weeks. But until our son arrived home and the true extent of his adventure become evident. I realized a thousand thank-you’s would not be enough. As a parent, you always worry about a trip of this scale. There is so many things to consider when trusting your child to a country so far away. To place them in the care of the team leaders and a family you have never meet. The long flight and the worries that over the past ten years have made us all so nervous. You prepare yourself for many things. But nothing could prepare us for his tales of adventure and excitement. I think sometimes, people know that they have made a change to another persons life. But the full extent goes unnoticed. I guess, as parents. We expect all the teachers to do an outstanding job. But for those on the JOE team. You have far outreached all expectation. I know, I don’t just speak for our family. I know many families will feel the same. Like many people, we have been asked many times, “Why put Bohdi into Genesis”? The answer is “Genesis”. Your hard work, late nights and attention to detail, has not gone unnoticed. You all have done an exceptional job. A million thank-you’s and counting.
    Our host family. Bohdi now has two mum’s, a brother and two more cousins. I think that should say it all. I personally, think it should always be kept a secret, how you place our children with there host families. But however it is done, in that top secret room of yours. It is done with a little magic. We feared that his home stay would make or break the trip for Bohdi. But it was the home stay, with his new family, that made his hole trip. When asked, “what was the best thing”? It was the time spent in their company. They went out of their way to make Bohdi feel so welcome. Showed him things only a family could. But most of all, they opened their doors and shared there lives with him. We wish we could thank them in person. But with the world wide web, we can now thank them many times over.
    There is a thousand people to thank. From the flight crew aboard Qantas, the staff at the many motels you all stayed at, The teachers and staff at the sister school, Our home stay family, The bus drivers, The people of Japan. But most of all. I think there is one group of people that are always there but never seen. I guess a little like the forest for the tree’s story. And them people are the students. I would like to thank all the students. The big ones, the little ones. The loud and the quiet, The boys and the girls. Thank you all for being there for each other. Your understanding in letting the teachers do what they needed to do. For allowing us everyday, to see your smiling faces and wild poses. We would like to thank each and every one of you. You should all feel so proud of yourselves. Now, like the old people that look back and tell there story’s. You too will have stories to tell when you get older and memories you will treasure forever.
    I asked Bohdi. “Would you go in two years time if given the chance”? He did not need to say a word. The look on his face was enough.
    Thank you all so much. Grahame and Amanda.

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