Day 8 Tues 2 Oct

Up early in the dormitory, Miss Roche, Dylan, Azure Leon Jasmine and Mary made our breakfast and managed the do well in the slightly different kitchen!

So today we did not have the pressures of yesterday and the students got to enjoy vivsiting their buddies classrooms and undertaking some of the lessons. The teachers at Minokamo are always very helpful and so our students gave it their best.
The teacher of Japanese culture Mrs Morii spent time teaching out students
the concepts of colour reflecting nature and Ikenabana and Tea ceremony. And they all drained their bowls of Macha!
They were amazing, sitting up on their knees with their feet crossed under them; zeiza! The teacher was so impressed with their “gaman” preservance.

The Taiko drum lessons with three middle school students was amazing! Our children “got rhythm” ..! big smiles and happy banging sounds all round! Telicia and Kurt were naturals and Leon, Dylan, Avery and Ashleigh looked like they were truly having fun! Neena had the opportunity to do some translation, and did a wonderful job telling the students about the history of Taiko.

A bit of local sightseeing after lunch saw the students visit Showa Mura , a heritage park with lots of interesting things from the pre war era. But the students really enjoyed the astro turf hill proved to be the big attraction for them all. An amazing amount of energy! They had me laughing like a crazy thing with their screams of fun! Then to see lovely Miss Roche go down as well, just made my day!

We have spent some time tonight preparing them for the move into their home stay tomorrow night…. I know they will do very well!

Lift them up in prayer as they may be a little worried, they will enjoy it, all past students have stated it was a highlight of the trip.

For photos of day 8 check out the gallery.


  1. Exciting that its time for the host family stay – thanks for preparing them so well Learna. Have a great time over the next few days. Miss u heaps Dylan xx

  2. What a lovely day you all had and to experience the Japanese culture. Thank you Learna for a well planned journey for our Tīn’eijā. Thinking of you as you enter the next stage of homestay.

  3. Yes Learna you sounded like you had just as much fun as they did, love hearing you laughing. Have a great time with your new families, can’t wait to hear all about it, x

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