Day 9 Wed 3 Oct

Today it was time to tidy up our communal home and get the students ready for the first night in Home stay.
A real treat for the students was to join the middle school for their sports carnival practice, our students out paced a few of the sister school students!
Then for even more fun our students went into Budokan to experience Kendo and Judo practice with the Minokamo students. Watching when Alyssiah, Azure, Mary, Kurt and Dalton
flipped their opponents over brought screams of delight!

Then some local sightseeing at the nashi farm where the students and teachers picked and ate 57 and a half Nashi with Leon eating 6 large nashi on his own! Minokamo staff Mr Takai gave the students two giant nashi each to take home, what a fun day!

Since all the students had already meet their host brothers or sisters and even a few of the parents. A few smiles but no tears (because they are all tough little Vegemites!) We waved them off with the promise to be waiting for them at the Genkan in the morning. The first night is always the hardest but our students did well with no phones.

The teachers moved to a small little hotel near the school and ventured out to eat RAMEN (Japanese hote noodles)..I wondered though what our students were all eating tonight…I had warned them about saying they love SUSHI (Japanese is all raw except for two items, prawns and egg roll) We will find out about it in the morning.

I would like to ask that you lift up our students in prayer, it is such a wonderful opportunity to have a home stay but it can be a bit stressful at first.

For photos of day 9 check out the gallery.


  1. Hope the stay with your Host family is going well – we are so looking forward to all the wonderful stories you will have for us Dylan! We miss you heaps, luv Mum Caitlyn and Alannah

  2. Such great photos and smiles once again. Thanks for keeping us updated, loving all the pictures. Kurt your sister doesn’t think she will survive another week without you, ha!

  3. What a wonderful time all the students seem to be having. Thank you for all the lovely photos and the blog.

  4. Such wonderful photo’s…. once again ! Thanks you Learna, Cate and Jessica for making this adventure very special for our children xxx

  5. Leon, how many Nashis!!!? Hope you are having a wonderful home stay,and your box was well received, love Grammoo

  6. These posts and pictures are such a delight, I look forward to logging on in the mornings and evenings for the latest updates. I feel that it is almost as if I am there with you all, and sharing your experiences. Wish they had taste buttons on blogs for all the great food!
    Lots love to you all, Kath (Aze’s Gma)

  7. Leon, hope your first night with your host family went well. We’re missing you at home but are having a great time following your adventures. Now, where can I buy nashi’s?

  8. Hello Leon… looks like you having a fabulous time… hugs Nonno and Granny Ena

  9. Great to hear they all had a fun day. Looking forward to posts tomorrow to see how they all went on there first home stay night.

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