Blog site visits…..

Hi all Thank you for visiting this site. Today there have been 500 visits with 95 of them from Japan, 19 from Korea, a few from New Zealand and South Africa!

Your students get to see the blog each day but they often don’t post, too busy. But please post comments for them anyway. It’s good for to see that others are interested in their adventure!
Regards- Learna Shimizu


  1. Thanks Learna, the blog has been the highlight of my day, feel like I too have been to Japan, ha!

    1. You are welcome! I think that this blog will make it easier for families to understand the adventure and challenges that their child had undertaken. And I’m glad you have enjoyed the blog … Like a lot of things I just put it out there and hope that others like it! Learna Shimizu

  2. Hey dyl its larny just want to tell you that i miss you so much and i love you heaps by the way i found you in all the photos quickly because you were always the one pulling the funny faces i cant wait till your home love you

  3. Only six sleeps before we see you all again. Enjoy every day you have left. We look forward to hearing all about your adventures that weren’t on the blog.

  4. We all love hearing about each days adventure. Thank you so much for such great informative posts and wonderful pictures.

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