Day 12 Sat 6 Oct

Today our students were treated to a Sayonara party, though it feels like we just got here!

We had Dylan as the senior male student do the thank you speech on behalf of the students, they were also presented with beautiful certificates commemorating their earnest endeavours.

As our Welcome Assembly song,”Totoro” was such a hit, our students were asked to teach the middle school students and perform it all together… with a special dance thrown in just to keep everyone on their toes!

The students made sure they said thank you to as many of the wonderful staff of Minokamo as they could and several of the Minokamo students went out of their way to say good-bye to our students.

After lunch and Club activities the students went home with the host families for the rest of the weekend. Some students shared their host families’ weekend plans with the group and it seems that the next two days will be absolutely jam-packed with enjoyment!

As for the staff, we went and did our washing at a public laundromat! Then it was time for a 2 kilometre walk to a local bookstore to hunt for resources to bring back to Genesis.

We ask for prayer for our safe travels and for the students as they prepare to leave their new families for the third and final stage of their adventure. I know there will be tears and lots of hugs when we depart!

Thank you- Learna Shimizu, Jessica Roche and Cate White








  1. What a tremendous experience your teachers have organised for you. Mary, you are really taking this opportunity to explore the world and seem to be having a wonderful time!! We all miss you heaps and can’t wait to hear all about it. See you soon!! 🙂

  2. Well done Dylan! We are so proud of you. We hope u have had an amazing time with your host family – enjoy this last day with them xxx mum

  3. Hope your free day with the host families is a memorable one. Your next stage of your trip looks very interesting and alot of fun. Enjoy your last week, we’ll see you soon.

  4. I can’t believe it’s going so quickly. Enjoy your last days your host families. Then the next adventure begins.

  5. Hope you all had a fantastic last day of school and an enjoyable stay with your host families. Stay safe on your next journey. Missing you Corey looking forward to hearing all about your trip when I get home.

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