Day 18 Fri 12 Oct

This was our last day in Japan!

Having one final hot spring bath, the students put on their YUKATA and made their way to their last Japanese breakfast. We had Neena’s grandparents join us for breakfast and that again was alot of fun. Especially with the students practicing their much improved Japanese.

After we packed up and met our bus driver and guide we took the busy drive back into Tokyo. A real treat for the students was the 360 degree theatre at the Tokyo Museum of Nature and Science, with a few lining up for a second show! After that we went to one of the most popular and crowed places at Asakusa Kannon Temple.

The shopping street that lead up to the beautiful old temple was so busy we had the students walk in small packs with a teacher each. It was their last chance to get souvenirs and they made good use of their time.

Nice boat ride up to the next district saw us have lunch near the Sumida River then we headed off for Tokyo’s newest attraction Sky Tree. It was good having a guide and prepaid tickets as the ques were long and the whole place was very busy.

Breathing taking views from a very scary height. A few of us were not fond of the glass floor sections, not naming names…..

That was our last treat in Tokyo… but what a great way to finish our visit here, in one of the works biggest metropolis.

The drive out to Narita saw the students under go some mixed emotions knowing are going to see you very soon but that the adventure is winding up, and after all the planning and preparation I can only say that everyone one of your children were amazing it has been an honour and a privilege to share this life adventure with them. I and the other teachers can see just how much they stretched themselves, how they have had to go beyond what is their normal comfort zone. They made new friends, found new strengths, developed new taste buds for strange foods (well some of them) but most of all they did this as individuals who now know that it is good to leave their comfort zone because that’s where the real personal growth and potential for learning is!

What a great group of students and so many great adventures and challenges. So very proud to know each and everyone one of them.

And to the chaperone teachers, Miss Roche and Miss White, we could not have done it without you. Thank you for always being there for us all!

We will see you all in the morning in Brisbane.

Sincerely Learna Shimizu JOE 2012 Team Leader

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