Home to our love ones!

It is with mixed emotions that we say goodbye to the members of JOE 2012.

I thank each and everyone for stepping up and making this trip so amazing.

I thank the Lord for his blessings and guidance, and my fellow teachers, Jessica Roche and Cate White who made my job easier and were such a blessing to the team.

I’m so grateful to the many friends and contacts in Japan who helped us in so many ways; Mr Kano, Mr Nagashima and Mr Watanabe.

Thank you to the parents of our students for allowing us the privilege of introducing the wonderful land, culture and people of Japan to them. I know they will have so many wonderful stories to tell you all!

Thank you all and God bless you always- Learna Shimizu

(Now to start to prepare for JOE 2014!)



  1. Finally I have got home to hear how much fun Corey has had. He has informed us he wants to go back next year and backpack wow what happened on this trip to make our boy look at things so differently! What an amazing job you have done to put this together for our children thank you very much Learna, Jessica and Cate you all are amazing.

    1. Thank you Deborah, and as what happened, well my goal on these trips is to show young people a different way of being, about seeing their place in the world, and about giving them all the tools, knowledge and opportunities needed to make successful choices.
      I miss them all, and keep looking around for my team! Fond regards Learna Shimizu

  2. Great to have Kurt home safe and sound, he has had an amazing time by the sounds of it. I asked him what his highlight was and he couldn’t say as there were so many he said. He woke up a bit sad this morning as he does miss being in Japan and sightseeing with his new friends. It has been such an amazing trip for them and thank you once again for the time and effort you teachers put into this trip. Lastly if anyone has an extra samsung camera connector it may be ours? Kurt thinks he may have either left it in a hotel or someone else has grabbed it by mistake? Thanks

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