1. Hello Rachel, we love you more. Embrace and enjoy every moment with your host family and try to communicate in Japanese

  2. Hello Rachel. Its so terrific to see the photos of you and your beautiful smile. I just have a look whenever I’m missing you and it makes me smile too. I’m glad you are having a great time. Enjoy your week at Minokama and with your host family.
    Big hugs from all of us (including all the pets!)
    Love you more, mum xxx

  3. Hi Briony. Wonderful to see your smiling fsce in the photos. It looks like you are having a fabulous time.
    Siaan has camp mon to fri next week – so it will be just dsd & I home. (will be really quiet!) She has a masquerade ball while there. .. so put together a red & black mask. Looks good.
    Enjoy your time with host family. I know you will be blessed and a blessing to them.
    Look forward to seeing your photos.

    love you.


  4. The students were absolutely terrific today, great co -operation did everything we asked of them. A credit to their parents so take a bow parents. Looking forward to an excellent week at Minokama, we received a terrific welcome today. Our hosts are genuinely thrilled to have us here.

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