Brian Barker

Arrived this morning to 22 very happy faces. Great to hear them all telling stories of their first night with their host families. There was significant nervous energy yesterday as the time for them to leave us approached. It was therefore terrific to come together and enjoy these experiences first up today. Parents you have blessed your students with an opportunity of a life time and they are thoroughly enjoying it, so be happy because they are having a ball.


  1. It gives us such pleasure to read the updates and see all those wonderful photos. Memories of a lifetime in the making. We know with your bubbly, outgoing personality sweetheart you will love the experience with the host family. Soak it all up so that you can share it with us all at home, our holidays aren’t nearly as exciting.

    1. Thankyouuuuuu I’m having sooo much fun with them. I have never had a family treat me so well and have so much fun with me. IM GOING COMMUNAL BATHIMG WITH THEM TONIGHTTT THEN ON SUNDAY IM GOING TO A THEME PARK WITH HER FRIENDS WOOOOO. But I’m seriously enjoying this so much. Anyways love you heaps miss you guys a tiny bit :D. tell the others I said hi. Hopefully I can call you on Monday or Tuesday night

  2. Thank you for your post, Mr Barker. Great to see you in the photos too – hopefully having just as wonderful a time as our kids. We are very proud of how well they are doing and extremely thankful for the opportunities they are being offered on this trip.

    1. Hey kazoku!
      Having a good time- my host family’s house is beautiful! I’ve been to a Video rental shop and borrowed the Mr Bean movie and girls generation and infinite CDs :D. Hope you are having a good time in Oosutoraria. Can’t wait to show you everything!
      – Your darling firstborn

    1. Having a fab time. One of the 5 dogs loves me (the other 4 are in cages) and it’s so cute. My host family tried Vegemite last night after I ate a spoonful. The dog reminds me of a smaller less fluffier and female version of Charlie. I haven’t gotten around to sending postcards so I’ll give them to everyone when I get back. Miss you xxx

  3. Thank you for your post Mr Barker ! It is great to know that their first night went well, and it was wonderful to see a photo of them with their host family yesterday. Enjoy the rest of your trip !

  4. Thanks Mr Barker. I am a little jealous of the wonderful experiences Elizabeth is having. Can’t wait to see her photos and hear the stories. Special thanks to Mrs S, Miss R & Mr Kriel – what an amazing job they do.

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