Day 11

Another busy but fun day…
We were met by delighted and excited students after their first night in their Homestay. Lots of interesting tales…Zoe was surprised to see her name written on he bathroom wall in bubbles; Brianna C was overjoyed with steak for dinner; Breanna H had a special Birthday party with several students as special sunrise; Reilly W and Mitchell C shared their funny story about how their two host families were sending photos of them to each other. It’s to see if the “redheads” were all the same!
Class immersion had the students joining in different classes, some of our students did cooking with the students learning to wear little head scarves and cute aprons, others did sports, Japanese Literature and Maths were Rachel B sat a spot test, and she was able to get the first three correct!

Special lunch of real sushi was a challenge for some of our students, all tried it and some really loved it!

A special opportunity to wear YUKATA was given to all the students; check out the beautiful girls and handsome young men!

I’ve taken a few photos of the new building we are in…it’s just beautiful, marble, stone, wood and glass bedeck the interior of the new five story building.

Principal Nagashima taught a special lesson on Japanese etiquette and was delighted by how well our students already used HASHI (chopsticks).
































  1. The new building looks amazing – surely Mr Barker could swing something like that for Genesis?
    Looks like everyone is having an amazing time! It’s such a blessing seeing the students branch out and try new things with their host families. Can’t wait to hear all about it.

  2. Very nice new building. With regards to the red head comment in the blog…..Reilly and Mitchell don’t know if you do but red hair with blue eyes is the rarest combination in the world!

  3. Hello Caitlyn We loved the photos of you in the Yukata – you look beautiful! We have photos of mum in one when she was your age with our Japanese home stay student – did you enjoy the Sushi? Didn’t seem to be much left on your plate! Hope you are really enjoying the time with your host family – take care luv nan pa xxx

  4. You all look absolutely beautiful in your yukatas – seeing you in this Caitlyn is a highlight for me! I hope you are enjoying your homestay. We went to Costco today and they had Chocolate Poptarts!! Bought you some for when you return home. Love you heaps – keep making those amazing memories. Love Mum xx

  5. Everyone looks great and so happy. What a beautiful school too. (Mmmm, sushi.) Thank you so much Mrs Shimizu, Miss Roche and Mr Kriel. Hi Reilly; love. xx

  6. What a special welcoming guesture to write your name Zoe in bubble that is so kind and priceless. Kodie was very excited he spotted you in the background of a few photos
    You look so beautiful in your kimono
    Sending lots of love Poz Poz
    Love Mum Dad and Kodie

  7. Thank you for the photos Mrs S ! The girls looked absolutely stunning, and the boys very handsome. The new building is amazing…I wonder if Mr Barker will be taking back some ideas for GCC ?? I had to laugh when I saw the comment about Reilly and Mitchell’s host families comparing photos. I suppose it would be highly unusual to have two redheads in the one group. Have a great day everyone ! It is great to see all of those smiles !! Miss you Mitch xx

  8. Wow, the colours of the Yukata are stunning – so beautiful…thank you. Hi Libi, did you enjoy the sushi – will you join me next time I have it? How was your first night at Yuna’s house? Are you playing ‘charades’ lol. Hope your arm is okay…I am a little worried about it. Looks like you are having the best time. So quiet here tonight, Miss A is having a sleep over next door. Miss you…Love you x

    1. He Yukata was good, but really hot with the sport uniform under it. I didn’t particularly like the sushi… I don’t like seafood, particularly when it’s raw… My first night was good, although last night I tripped on the stairs and bashed my shin. Charades is sort of happening, but Maho is doing a lot of translating. My arm is fine, although now my leg hurts… It’s really amazing here. Miss you too; love you, mum 🙂

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